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Cheap Blanchsrd tools

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I am selling a load of BRAND NEW Vergez blanchard tools as well as an Osborne punch set and Japanese punch. All the items are in amazing condition, and need to go. I became a vegan (don't use leather) right after buying the I never used them. These tools are amazing quality (used by Hermes and Louis vuitton). 

looking for 600$ I paid 1000 and never used them. 

shipping is not included. 

Vergez  blanchard pricking iron set 9 tpi 10 and 2 teeth
Vergez strap end punch size 17
Vergez skiving knife (hss special steel)
Vergez saddler hammer size 3
Vergez saddlers clam

Vergez round knife
Barry king awl blade size 0
Barry king awl haft (small)
Barry king mallet 32oz 

Japanese Strap Punch size 21mm
Glue pot w/brush
Seiwa tokonole gum
I am unable to post pics on this forum (I don't know why) so if you dm me your email, I will send you a pics as well as you custom price.
Best regards,
Isaiah LeVinus
Instagram: @Ilevinus 
Email: Ilevinus777@gmail. c o m 


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