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Ok. Hello. First time user. 

I made a leather product for a customer out of veg tan leather. Cut, tooled and dyed black(water stain). Then I used sheen spray to finish the product. (Using all Tandy leather stuff)

Then she wanted her project colored. So I painted with acrylic paint right on top of the sheen spray about a day later. 

Well the paint won’t soak in. It looks blotchy and watered down after it dries. I’ve heard you can paint right on top of tan kote so I thought this would be the same thing. Any ideas? I still plan on using an antique once I can get it painted correctly. 

More coats? . Thanks!!!


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I think if you add more coats of an acrylic paint on top of a sheen sealant the paint will just be able to be picked off with your finger nail, might sound like a pain but you might have to degloss the sections you wish to paint.

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