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  1. Thank you all for the reply’s. Merry Christmas
  2. Hello. I’ve always used the eco flow black water stain for my projects. I don’t like that I have to apply 3 coats for it to look dark black. I’m using veg tan leather, tooling, dye and then painting. I decided to try the fiebings USMC Black leather dye on a recent project. It never really dried. It was chalky and I could rub it and black chalk like dye came off on my fingers and paper towels. I let my project dry 24hr’s before applying this dye. It also made some of my texturing pop back out out the leather. I had to fully wipe it down with a wet wash cloth and then apply the water stain dye for it to look ok. any ideas why this happened? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Ok. Hello. First time user. I made a leather product for a customer out of veg tan leather. Cut, tooled and dyed black(water stain). Then I used sheen spray to finish the product. (Using all Tandy leather stuff) Then she wanted her project colored. So I painted with acrylic paint right on top of the sheen spray about a day later. Well the paint won’t soak in. It looks blotchy and watered down after it dries. I’ve heard you can paint right on top of tan kote so I thought this would be the same thing. Any ideas? I still plan on using an antique once I can get it painted correctly. More coats? . Thanks!!!
  4. hey bud. 


    im interested in your cobra machine


    can you text me at 760-521-4567 or email me ralihaus@gmail.com




    1. photoguy13


      I texted you earlier this morning.  I told you to just give me a ring at my phone number to discuss :).  I also just left you a message at the number you have listed.

  5. link doesn't work. can you post pics?
  6. i am interested. Can you send me a text? 760-521-4567
  7. Please text me. I have some questions. Thank you. 760-521-4567
  8. I dont know whats going on with this machine but beware. i first contacted this seller with my main email address. we negotiated and came to an agreement on price with me paying for shipping. Then all of the sudden she didnt return my emails for about 2 weeks. so i used a different email and offered the same ammount. she agreed and asked me to prepare shipping. she even asked me to pay for the bubble wrap to wrap it in. i set up shipping with someone on uship.com. This took time and effort on my end as well as the shipper. Now guess what, i cant get her to return my emails. once again its been about a week with no responses. im willing to pay 1500, pay for shipping and even the 5 extra dollars for bubble wrap but........no returned emails once again afer weeks of talking and preparing to purchase. very frustrating. This is what makes this site very unreliable. buy at your own risk.
  9. Is this machine still available? Email me if so. Ralihaus@gmail.com
  10. Hello, I'm making a project with a piece of veg tan leather that is carved, stamped and dyed with medium brown Waterston dye from Tandy leather. The piece will be attached to a plaque for a gift. I have oil for after I carve and stamp, then i will dye it. Next my plan is to apply aussie leather conditioner then tan kote. I want to know if this is the right order for oil, conditioner and the tan kote. Will brushing the tan kote on mess with the conditiiner? Should I put the conditioner on after the tan kote? Any advice would be very helpful. I'd like to know how you would do it. Thanks so much
  11. Thanks guys. Right now I use aussit leather conditioner by fieblings. Any idea how this compares to the others? One better for weathered use than the other? Thanks. Thanks guys. Right now I use aussit leather conditioner by fieblings. Any idea how this compares to the others? One better for weathered use than the other? Thanks.
  12. I make firefighter belts. The belts are exposed to heat and water. I currently use Latigo side and strip them out for belts. I use a conditioner and tan kote on the finished product. Is there anything else I should be doing? Also when the belts are exposed to lots of water and heat the get stiff and dry. So far I just clean with saddle soap, neat foot oil, then condition them again. Any advice on finishing products, or products to use when the belts become stiff from water and heat,would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hello, I have been doing leather for firemen for about 2 years now. I know what's best for the product i put out. However, I was asked recently to make a duck lanyard for a friend. This lanyard would be used for securing ducks after hunting. I can post a pic of one soon. My question is, what is the best leather to use for this project. I use Latigo for my firemen belts. I am wondering what is a good leather, that can be tooled, and will stand up to wetter. This lanyard would be getting wet and dry and wet and dry over and over again. Any advice on leather choice, conditioning, finishes, any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks so much.
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