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  1. I am working with a new Techsew 2750 and was wondering if anyone could help me understand how I can eliminate any markings from the presser feet. I have adjusted/loosened the tension knob and still doesn't seem to eliminate the problem. Thanks
  2. I was curious to see what you thread size you are using to sew card holders, wallets, etc.. I have been hand stitching but purchased a sewing machine to speed things up with more goods available, etc.. I am typically sewing leather together that totals anywhere from 4 to 11oz. I am thinking I would begin with 138 with a fairly tight stitch at 5mm. I think it looks nicer. Do you think 90 thread would look cheap and thin. I am using nice Horween seconds, etc.. What is your go to thread size when sewing nice small leather goods?
  3. hey bud. 


    im interested in your cobra machine


    can you text me at 760-521-4567 or email me ralihaus@gmail.com




    1. photoguy13


      I texted you earlier this morning.  I told you to just give me a ring at my phone number to discuss :).  I also just left you a message at the number you have listed.

  4. I have seen machines that will cut patterns for say a wallet or something. I am just thinking that in order to make a lot of one thing, there has to be a way to cut patterns without having to hand cut every individual item. Can someone put me in the right direction for a machine like this. Dave
  5. I purchased this heavy duty leather sewing machine in January 2012. Since then, it has been under a cover in my garage. I have kept it oiled, and it has about 5 to 6 hours of stitching max on it. I am a professional photographer and have just been growing my business over the last four years and have not had a chance to fully utilize it. It needs to go to someone who will take full advantage of it. I enjoy doing small leather goods, and this machine is overkill, so I am selling it. I am located in Virginia Beach, VA. It includes 4 bobbins, pack of needles, and white #207 thread. It also comes with the roller edge guide, table, and everything you see in the first image. $2,200
  6. I live in Virginia Beach as well. I like creating small leather goods, so let me know if I can help out. I have been doing this about a year. It is a lot of fun.
  7. I like them. The green one is awesome. Where did you get the metal hardware?
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