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  1. Hey! Sorry I didn't reply to this until now... Fake guns for molding are hard to get around here, so I usually just use the gun itself. I wrap it in cling wrap (or something similar) to keep the moisture out.
  2. I've been meaning to make a new bridle for my horse, Belle, for a while now, and I finally finished it just a few days ago! I took apart my previous bridle to get the measurements for these pieces, and boy... I made my previous bridle about 6 years ago, and I was cringing at my workmanship... I'm glad I have a new one now. It's a much better representation of my skills! I will post photos of it on my mare when I see her next weekend. As much as I like this one, I'm not terribly attached to it... I might still make another one, and sell this one... But we'll see.
  3. I had a lot of interest in the heart one! It didn't last long before it was sold. I will probably stock my shop with more... (And maybe one for myself... Even though I already have 3.)
  4. Version 3 of my original. I've improved the way the strap loop slides. I'm also really happy with the way the chrome hardware and white stitching compliments the brown leather. A custom version of my bookstrap, made with a longer, wider strap and larger panel in order to accomodate a large art portfolio. A more minimal version. A more modern version I made one night while having beers with a friend. Inspired by the above version. (I grew quite attached to this one. The worst part about making such things is that I want to keep all of them. It has since been sold... I might make another one.)
  5. Beautiful! And wonderful burnish. Mind sharing how you did it?
  6. Had two surgeries on my hand and wrist... Finally able to get back to leatherwork.

    1. capsterdog


      Welcome back!! Hope all went well!!

    2. Constabulary


      carpal tunnel syndrome?

    3. Tinneal


      No. Broke my arm bad enough to need pins and a plate put in. Then another surgery to repair ruptured tendons. I still don't have 100% use of my left hand, but leatherwork has been good for rehab.

  7. I've been making these for a while now... AND I finally gave into peer pressure and started an Etsy shop.
  8. Tinneal

    I was just looking at your work on FB!

    You have some very nice stuff there! I'm very impressed!

  9. I've never seen tinned green chillis at the market, but I will check when I do the shopping next week. Come to think of it, I think I have a leftover jar from some capers I just finished a few days ago! It should graft nicely.
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