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Kangaroo, Elephant and Ostrich

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Selling two lots. If you decide to buy both, I'll make you a great deal on price.

Lot #1 Kangaroo

Roughly 18 square feet of assorted kangaroo colors. Will fill a Medium flat rate USPS box.

Kangaroo is extremely strong, anti bacterial, holds up against moisture and tough as nails. 

Dark brown, whiskey, Black and light brown. Thickness ranges from 0.6mm to 1.5mm. 

Perfect for wallet inserts, backing leather, watch band backing, knife sheaths etc.

Roughly $180.00 worth of kangaroo

Price $65.00 including shipping


Lot#2 Elephant and Ostrich

Red, Tan and assorted grey elephant pieces. The red elephant color is no longer available, they stopped making it mid 1990's

Ostrich colors are Brown, Tan, red, white, red oak.

All pieces are big enough for credit card wallets, watch straps, fobs, knife sheaths etc.

Price $55.00 including shipping




Lot#1 example:












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Send paypal info for lot 2

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