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Brass creasing rolls wanted.

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Does anyone make brass creasing rolls and other custom roll embossing dies for these machines?




rotary emboser.jpg

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I know it's an old post but nobody ever replied, so I will in case you or someone else is still curious. Yes there are creasing rolls for the embossers you show. I have a Randall just like in the top photo.  Custom rolls are easy to get, Cambell/Randall should be making them.   Last time I asked about a custom embossing wheel, I think the quote was around $500.....The embossing wheels are much larger than the hobby embosser rollers like weaver and Tipmann would sell.  Campbell/Randall should have some common patterns in stock that are probably priced much lower than a custom wheel.

These machines are very slow, you'd be better off with a regular creaser.    Only advantage here is the heating element in your Randall Creaser, the heat will make the crease take a little better set.....

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