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ADLER 204-64

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Dear leatherworkers,

I have a real nice ADLER 204-64 which is fitted with a TEXI Servomotor.

I do leatherbelts with it. These days I was cleaning and servicing it and wondered, if the feed dog timing is right ?

My thought is, needle enters material, feed dog pushed up, both transport material, needle leaves material ? Is this right so ?

Have made some pics for You to check.

Pic1 is the whole,

Pic2 needle enters feed dog,

Pic3 needle deepest point

Pic4 needle leaves feed dog

Thanks for You help.






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Pics in wrong order

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Machine is a needle feed.  The idea with a needle feed is that the piles of material will not shift while the needle is in the work as the goods are being transported.

CLICK HERE for the operators guide for adjusting your 204-64, hope this helps, but also can be confusing all the same, the instructions are not exactly top notch.

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Hi Gregg,

wasn't here for some time. Found Your post just now.

Well, its more than I expected. Thank You so much !!

Best regards To Philly


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