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Debating between techsew models

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I have been wanting a tech sew for about a year now. I think this dang pandemic is has finally gotten me over the price, as I just spend too much dang time sewing!  I was thinking the 2750 pro, but the one I saw locally was being sold because the guy wanted something with a smaller cylender head. Which honestly I want to do a wide range of items on this, but specifically I want to make a few laptop cases and backpacks. The best part about these machines is they convert to flat beds so I really can do all the things I want.

I wanted to see your thoughts on the 2600 pro vs the 2750 pro.. As far as I can tell I will just not be able to do really thick leather. But the thicket I have ever done is maybe 8 oz leather. Two of those is 2/8ths which is less than the 3/8ths max. What else am I missing? I know the 2750 pro is very solid from the demo I had with it.

I am a general hobbyist. I do everything from watch straps, to bags in one off projects. I know someone will say that there is not one machine to do it all, thats fine but I only can afford one machine. What I wont be doing is thick hard stuff like holsters and saddles. 

Also if anyone has one for sale between colorado and austin, I will be driving cross country...

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