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Eco-Flo Dye, Dye over dyed leather, sealer for water-based dye

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Hi, i am new to leather dye and I have been searching on the web, but I am pretty confused now, so here I am asking for some advice and opinions.

1) What kind of sealer can I use on water-based dye like the Eco-Flo? I got a bunch of Eco-Flo water dye here and some Fiebing Resolene that i never used, would that work? I also have Angelus leather finishers matte and acrylic, are they also any good?

2) Can I dye over a leather that already has a dye? After searching the web, I found solutions involving rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, but I am not sure if they would damage the leather. Maybe I could just keep them as is and they will still sell even if they do not meet my personal taste, who knows.

3) If we can effectively dye over an already existing dye, what techniques are you using to properly prepare and clean the leather to accept the new dye?


Thanks you in advance for any advices!


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This is a big question.  Whether or not you can dye over an existing dye depends a lot on what else has been done to the leather.  You can always try, but you may want to use something like deglazer, spot remover, or acetone to cut through any sealer they have.

Eco-flo dyes are not very great.  You can use them but if you look around here you will see more people asking questions about how to get them to work properly.  I would recommend a spirit-based dye like Fiebings or Angelus.

Resolene is an excellent sealer but it comes too concentrated.  Dilute it 1:1 with water for better results, and give two light coats and not one thick coat.

Unless you want to risk messing up projects I suggest moving away from Eco-flo dyes.  

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