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What is best for waterproofing a tophat?

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There are lots of waterproofing options, each with their pros and cons.  Most of them contain similar ingredients.

For rugged, outdoorsy oil tanned leather, Huberd's Shoe Grease is really good.

For shiny leathers, I like using something with wax, such as Sno-Seal.

Dubbin (made by made companies) is also good.

If you don't have a preference, the liquid silicone made by Atsco and others would do a good job at waterproofing.

For a sweatband, microfiber or Terry towel can work fine. Some people cover the absorbent layer with a smoother fabric like dress shirts are made of.

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@Tbushard Heres a hat I made. While I had all of the pieces on the bench before assembly, I gave them a good dose of N/F oil,  then gave them a buff up with some good ol'  black ' brand name'   Parade shine' boot polish . That would be enough water proofing. 



Leather Pics April 2019 002.jpg

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Not sure what happened there, but heres the hat . The leather is called ' Combat', (here in Oz) 1.2mm chrome .A  soft-ish leather , good for M/C bags etc. ....and hats, polishes up nicely   :) Thats my first hat btw, I'm still learning. 

Hat With Filigree design 008.jpg

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