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Comparing two hot foil stamping machines

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I could use some experienced perspectives here to make sure I'm considering the right machine features, and to make sure I'm not buying total garbage. I'm in the market for a low-end hot foil stamping machine, which led me to these two options. Both are on Amazon, but I've found it is significantly cheaper to purchase directly from Vevor or ZoneSun (manufacturers) directly. Of the two cheapie brands, these are the nicest machines they sell.

#1 Vevor Machine $168

#2 ZoneSun Machine $179

Some Questions:

1. The ZoneSun has a screw-on mount to the hot plate. It allows a brass word tray (with handle) to slide on. The Vevor doesn't have this mount, so character trays have to be bolted on each time. It seems like a big time savings to be able to slide word sets on and off without shutting the machine down to cool first. Is my thinking correct, the ZoneSun has a leg up here?

2. With the ZoneSun's alphabet tray mount, do I have to use their letter holder? Will other alphabet sets fit in the letter holder?

3. The ZoneSun has a slide-able work tray on the bottom. Is this actually useful? Does it cause any accuracy issues with not sliding back into place exactly?

4. Are these machines actually worth buying or just hot garbage?

5. Has anyone purchased from Vevor or ZoneSun directly before? I won't have the return protection Amazon offers. I'm somewhat worried about getting a broken machine and SOL.

6. ZoneSun seems to have a number of different domains and webshops. ZoneSun.com ZoneSunTech.com, etc. Super sketchy to say the least. Experience buying from one of these?

7. Anyone own either machine? Lessons learned, things to avoid, upgrades to make, etc?

8. Any features I'm not considering? Any reason to go with a higher end machine? What would be the next step up?

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I have not tried these, but looking at a low end one myself. Here toy can read up on a few more models.



Thing is, it´s probably a random chance tbh. My own antique ambosser is basically 80 kg of metal and a heat wire.. Not much that can break. These are a bit more flimsy...but i do actually think they may survive quite well.

I would say, keep your prints to a lesser size, and you will probably manage. I´d say a max size of 5X5 cm or so.

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