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  1. If you cannot center it, i´d go with a shorter rivets. Shorter rivets is less likely to distort as much, even if you are pressing in an angle.
  2. I have not tried these, but looking at a low end one myself. Here toy can read up on a few more models. https://workonleather.com/collections/stamping-machine Thing is, it´s probably a random chance tbh. My own antique ambosser is basically 80 kg of metal and a heat wire.. Not much that can break. These are a bit more flimsy...but i do actually think they may survive quite well. I would say, keep your prints to a lesser size, and you will probably manage. I´d say a max size of 5X5 cm or so.
  3. Appreciate the tip =) Will look into it. I already have one press, but i need another in my current coming workshop due to covid. The one i have weighs in at around 80 KG, so nothing to grab in a haste.
  4. Hi all. In short, i was looking around online for Hot Foil Stamping Machines, and i came across this. https://workonleather.com/collections/stamping-machine Anyone have any experience with these, or knowledge on what sort of quality one can expect to get? I know it´s no high end equipment, but for anyone with limited budget and not an everyday need for it, could these be a good purchase? Best Regards Johan
  5. Yes!!! Thank you =D Been looking all over. Much appreciated!
  6. I know i have seen it before, but cannot find it any more. It was a Swivel knife but with several razor-blades side by side for cutting " hairs " into leather. Used for making leather feathers and to make the individual feather fibers so to say. Anyone know of where to get one of those?
  7. Then that´s the tool you use. At least as i see it from your pic. Could also be this one as it works on a broader surface.
  8. Any version of these? Or do you mean bevels it at the same time?
  9. Awesome! I like the look of it as well since it´s no plastic. Question. Can you use it as the Tandy plastic one as well? I mean to make leather cord from a round piece starting from a center hole?
  10. It may just be lead in anything we buy in the end, but as soon as one reads a limit value, one start to think and the research nerves tingle. Tnx for the link.
  11. Rein rounder ity was called. I call it lace maker in Sweden but i hope it makes sense anyways. Adding a pic. 9323_-_Randall_15_hole_rein_rounder__450 (1).jfif
  12. I thought that was the Australian Strander O_o
  13. Kudos for the info! Il be trying out the Strander one i feel. If it´s not what i hope for, il probably go for the old antique one that makes rounded lace, but they too are quite expensive. Oh well... trial and error i suppose. Also, may be different with my veg tanned leather so i´l be sure to take note on it.
  14. I actually found the warning on buckelguys page, so that spurred the question in my mind. Il check ohios page as well and see what can be found. Tnx =)
  15. The Australian Strander. Can you control the thickness of the lace and does it take a lot of thicknesses or preferably only one or two? The plasticy one i have is basically only useful on the biggest size with my Veg tanned leather. I would love to be able to make more sizes than just the one.
  16. Anyone know of where to get lead free buckles, preferably brass? Also, if anyone sits on any good info on what sort of levels one can expect in regular buckles overall, i would be much appreciated for any and all info my way.
  17. I have that plastic tool and it´s the only one i have sadly. It feels a bit off when i am at Viking markets etc tho...so hoping to get a replacement. Thank you =)
  18. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Hehe... yeah the taxes etc are not exactly a strawberry cake fest. If you look for something to trade for it, perhaps in way of tools or what not, let me know. Lot´s of expenses just now as new furniture etc became a priority, but il be sure to keep an eye out for this further ahead and if you still got it. Nice find =)
  19. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Saw these indeed and it´s far the most interesting so far. Might even make my own eventually but a vintage one would be wonderful. Quite costly though, but useful. None yet so still stuck with my plastic one :/
  20. Thank you for making me aware. Did not know they made prongs that thin, but found images of it now. If he really stitches like that by hand, i salute the masterwork. Exquisite performance and such details. A detail like that will up the price, and it should.
  21. Glad to help. That product changed everything about leathercrafting for me. Also used perfectly as hairgel at the Viking event at Birka
  22. I use GoldQuality Laederfedt ( leatherfat ) but i suppose most call it wax.
  23. That is without a doubt machine stitched. The edges can be done in several ways, but what i do is leather-fat and a round wood burnisher. Depending on how long you spend at it, the edges gets better and better.
  24. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Not for horses but for armors, bracers, corsets etc. Saving where you can is never wrong, and i appreciate all tips and ideas =) The plan is to become self sufficient in terms of all connected to the craft, even tanning. If the tool is affordable enough and i find a proper use often enough for it, i´l get it. Right now im in the research phase.
  25. Grihm

    Rein Rounder

    Sounds good, thank you. Will look in to it. It´s for armor and corsets. Also, some items that does not have eyelets inserted receives less stress and tear in the holes if it´s rounded.
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