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  1. I have stainless steel #104 rivets, but I can’t seem to get them to set with a nickel cap. I contacted weaver and they said the stainless can be used with the cap and to use the nickel plated steel caps. Anytime I try to set one it ends up crushing like a tin can. the rivet press might be part of the problem due to the anvil being slightly off center. I tried to adjust this, but there is no way to accomplish this as far as I can see. if anyone can give me tips that have accomplished setting the #104 rivets with caps, it would be greatly appreciated. I will attach some pics for reference
  2. I have a custom foot press rivet machine and I can’t seem to find a guide for it. I’ve looked pretty much everywhere and came up with nothing. If anyone has a lead it would be greatly appreciated! I’ll attach a few pics of what I have and what I’m looking for. This is the type of guide I’m looking for.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find the drop down guide for a cb4500 with a flat edge guide? The only guides I can seem to find come with the roller edge. My machine isn’t predrilled for the drop down guide, so I need to drill holes as well. Is there an after market knob that will work with the lifting mechanism since the stock one is kind of bulky? thank you
  4. Parott1

    Coats dabond

    I’ll give them a shout! Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it!
  5. Parott1

    Coats dabond

    Does anyone know of a supplier in the U.S. that carries Coats Dabond in 277? I have a wholesale customer that wanted me to use this on their products, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I emailed coats on several occasions and didn’t receive anything back. Thanks for any help!
  6. Not sure if this option even exists, but I’m looking for a left foot blanket set that has an open toe center foot that will fit a CB4500. Im sure this isn’t available as a stock item, but maybe someone might carry this or can customize one? If so, can anyone point me in the direction of someone who could help me out?
  7. Parott1

    Brass Rivets

    Looking for a source of semi-tubular brass rivets with a flat head. It seems like the semi-tubular rivets available online has a round or oval head. I'm also searching for #12 solid brass rivets wit a head smaller than 3/8". Don't know if these are even available, but figured this was the best place to ask.
  8. I checked the timing and everything looks good.
  9. What would cause the top thread to break on a 441 clone ONLY when making a turn? The timing seems to be in check. The needle seems A bit close to the presser foot. I've tried new needles, but I get the same result every time
  10. That's what I'm going to do. After much wasted material and few gray hairs.... thanks to to everyone who responded
  11. Sorry for the poor quality pic. Yes I'm still using the s point. Biothanes website recommends a round point in either #25 or 26
  12. The first pic is the top side of the stitch. Forward is the top with the tail and the bottom is reverse. The second pic is the bottom side of the stitches. Top is forward and bottom reverse. As you can see the bottom stitch is slightly smaller and the bottom side of reverse looks like it just runs on
  13. Black 277 top and 207 bottom the brand is cowboy
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