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  1. SolarLeatherMachines

    Bell knife skiver

    Yes, it will. Exotics skive well on our CB-801, including alligator and crocodile. Overly rough reptiles have a little trouble, but regular side and belly leathers are no problem. I don't know about elephant, it depends on how thick and flexible it is. I have several customers who make custom boots that use our CB-801 to skive their exotic vamps. Important: do you know how to tell the difference between Alligator and Crocodile? One will see you later, the other will see you after awhile.
  2. SolarLeatherMachines

    New airbrush station.

    While I had a screen over mine, it didn't keep out the black widows. I had a massive black widow infestation that I had to clean out. It was a nightmare from hell for a arachnophobe.
  3. SolarLeatherMachines

    Cylinder bed tables, adapters, handcranks, and more!

    Solar Leather Machines just sold one of these to a concrete manufacturer in Mexico. They use it for making the huge rubberized chutes that transport the gravel into various bins. We'll be putting it up on the website in a day or so.
  4. SolarLeatherMachines

    New airbrush station.

    uhh...where's it venting to??!
  5. SolarLeatherMachines

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Wholeheartedly agree with all of this. Alexander.
  6. SolarLeatherMachines

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Right? exactly. Machinery should solve problems, not create them!! The Bell knife skiver works great on upholstery grade leather that you would use for bags & purses, also thinner leathers for wallets. For these products, the 801 is indispensable. Also, if you watch the videos on you tube, they're always whipping the pieces through the machine. usually its foam pieces for shoes, and foam is SUPER easy to skive and fast to process. However doing leathers is a whole 'nother ball game. The poster above is correct: find a dealer near to you and go and see one of these demonstrated. A simple demo is worth a hundred online review from internet boffins. And darn good insurance on buying the right machine. All of the suppliers you list have a good reputation and make good machines. Obviously I have my favorite, but definitely choose the one that 'feels' best to you.
  7. SolarLeatherMachines

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    This is us. Have you ever TRIED to skive these leathers on this type of machine? You DO KNOW that the drag foot on top leaves drag mark in veg tan leathers, right? That the portion that goes under the foot gets a burnished look on the surface that most leather crafters HATE, even when polished to a mirror shine? Sure, I could sell you a machine, and then you'd find this out, and then be REALLY unhappy about the money you've spent. NO, I'd rather save you a bunch of hassle up front and TELL you why it's not a great solution for what you want.
  8. SolarLeatherMachines

    I need clicker help

    Your spool valve is where all the hoses come together. It sounds like the electric solenoid that activates the spool valve is bad, and not fully cycling. find the spool valve and see if you can find a replacement. Parker would probably have a match.
  9. SolarLeatherMachines

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    It won't hurt it to take the piece off and inspect it. It MIGHT be a filter, but I'm guessing it's probably a check valve. Either way, be sure to clean the threads when replacing and consider some appropriate teflon liquid seal on the threads when you tighten it back down. This line sees a LOT of pressure, so make SURE it's on tight.
  10. SolarLeatherMachines

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    Hydraulic clickers now-a-days almost all use a type of fluid called AW ISO 46. This is extremely common and sold under a lot of brand names: Shell 46, Tulco 46, etc. Verify with the dealer if it matches AW ISO 46 and it should work just fine. Sometimes, the AW (antiwear) isn't available and you'll have to use regular ISO 46. This is usually not a big deal, since the AW is usually just some zinc and chromium additives, and it's usually just the spec'd default for engineers. You can pick up 5 Gal buckets of AW ISO 46 from Tractor Supply, and many times, get it from O'reilly's or Autozone. Your average clicker will take anywhere from 8 to 15 gallons, but usually 10 gallons is plenty. Do your self a favor, and when you change the oil, toss in a large magnet into the pan, to collect any metal shavings that may be floating around. Certainly won't hurt, but may also prevent something drifting around from getting into the system.
  11. SolarLeatherMachines

    I need clicker help

    Check the solenoid for the spool valve. It might be bad, and not able to fully cycle.
  12. SolarLeatherMachines

    Bell skiver reviews

    Just an FYI on the CB-801: These machines are WICKEDLY sharp when we ship them. I find the safety cover doesn't get in my way, but I'm also glad it's there; I've cut myself badly just touching blade during sharpening!
  13. SolarLeatherMachines

    cb4500 stitch issue with webbing

    Thank you very much for the high praise! It's an honor to be included with those names. Sincerely, thank you. Alexander
  14. SolarLeatherMachines

    Walsall Hardware Question

    Great! Ok! They are good people. I’ll give them a holler ASAP.