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  1. SolarLeatherMachines

    sewing machine oils

    Added more info. That would probably work, but be wary of staining characteristics and residue build up. Story time: before I got into sewing machines, I was working leather. I had just purchased a new 441 clone, and decided to oil it. I had just finished engineering school where I had done extensive testing on oils and their wear properties. I knew that Royal Purple was high on the list of performance, and I had a bottle on my shelf. So, yep, I oiled down my 441 with purple oil. stained every piece of leather for MONTHS. seriously. I had to oil that thing about 16 more times to wash it out. Ugh, such a mistake. Don't do what i did.
  2. SolarLeatherMachines

    sewing machine oils

    Any type of mineral oil will do in a pinch, including baby oil. Sewing Machine Oil, including Lily White and Singer Machine Oil (SMO) is basically mineral oil. Mineral oil is a catch-all name for several types of liquid paraffin oil. The highest grades of paraffin oil are medical grades, which are sometimes used as a laxative and are generally safe for internal use. The key characteristics needed of a sewing machine oil are: resistance to residue buildup, low staining, low flamability (but NOT inflamable, it will burn), good surface tension/capillary action, and relatively low cost. Idealy, you would want a low viscosity oil with decent surface tension. This allows the oil to seep into the wicks and small areas of a machine, while the capillary action will pull the oil into the small clearances of parts.
  3. SolarLeatherMachines

    Weaver auction

    I've been thinking about hosting an event like this down in the DFW area. I guess it just depends on interest.
  4. Thanks! We'll be doing more of these in the near future. Stay tuned.
  5. SolarLeatherMachines

    Cowboy Dealer in Ontario

    I've spoken with Cowboy USA. At this time, he is an authorized dealer who is just starting out. Everyone starts somewhere, right? I remember when I had 5, and ONLY 5 machines in my shop. It will take time for him to establish himself in the market, and develop product knowledge. If you're in the area, you might want to check them out.
  6. SolarLeatherMachines

    CowBoy 3200 Used , not much ;)

    Great deal on this. Also, that's one of the larger 650watt motors. Slide drawer is definitely worth some money. If someone from Dallas/Fort Worth buys this, I'll give them a free service to make sure it's running well.
  7. SolarLeatherMachines

    Changing pulley on a Family Sew motor

    Yah. I've worked for over a dozen years as an aerospace design engineer for Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, Triumph, etc. I'm fluent in both systems, and can attest that the metric system is easier in all calculations. Americans don't like it because we generally have no point of reference, i.e. we don't know what 30 centimeters look like, but we know what a foot length is. Especially when working on machines, I prefer metric. The metric system for fasteners is vastly easier, provided you have the tools. most people don't have a full set of metric tools and that causes issues. The USA will change over to the metric. It's already happening. The most important industries (robotics, medical, automotive) are now mostly metric. Another generation, and it will be full adopted.
  8. SolarLeatherMachines

    Wanted: Cobra 4500 or equivalent

    considering that shipping to that location is at least 350, and new machine is worth $2595 and an used one about 2100, you're asking for someone to take an almost $500 bath. Not sure that's gonna happen. Maybe if you went and picked it up.
  9. SolarLeatherMachines

    'Fast' thread snips for thick thread

    Yes, exactly. I tell all my folks to do that. These things are too comfortable in the palm of your hand and you'll end up walking away from the machine...and have none there when you come back. before long, they're scattered around the house. A customer once told me how his wife's quilting parties always made raids on his supplies, and the first thing to disappear were these little black snips.
  10. SolarLeatherMachines

    'Fast' thread snips for thick thread

    those are decent scissors, but for thread nipping, they're just a handful. I use these in my own work, and they do a great job.
  11. SolarLeatherMachines

    My bags have fat seams - skiver?

    Yah. It would make a big difference. Even just taking off 25% of the thickness would sharpen the edges without losing too much strength. check out this video:
  12. SolarLeatherMachines

    Needles And Threads

    Can confirm. Monofilament will cut grooves in your tension set over time.
  13. SolarLeatherMachines

    Needles And Threads

    I am very familiar with Amann threads. I used to be a dealer. They have many styles of thread, but I'm going to assume that you're using either serafil (unbonded polyester) or Serabond(bonded polyester) because they are the most common. Perhaps Strongbond, maybe. The main problem with Amann threads is that they are just too damn good. They are amazing threads. They're smooth, they're strong, they flow like water through the machines, and are packaged onto spools in a way that makes sense (length, instead of weight). They lay down on leather like glass and look AMAZING. I LOVE the thread, and love sewing with it on my own projects. But I HATED selling the thread. Most Americans here were raised on the coarse american threads or the chinese thread (nuff said). This thread has all kinds of issues, and people have learned to adjust their machines for those threads. But give them the Amann thread, and it's not stop complaints about how the machine won't hold tension, they can sew right, it won't work with their needles, etc. For the Amann threads you literally have to double the standard tensions to get a grip on the thread. Do that, and then swap back to american thread, and it's just a night full of cussing and screwdrivers. For Amann threads you should use at LEAST one size smaller needle. For 277 thread you should use a 794 size 24 needle. Maybe a 23. for 138, you should use a 794 size 22, maybe a 21. you'll get much better results this way. Btw, I have 200 cones of Serafil that I want to get rid of. mostly 277, 207, & 138, in white, and a few unrelated colors. make me a decent offer. Not kidding.
  14. SolarLeatherMachines

    overwhelmed with options

    I'm the Texas Dealer for Cowboy. I would suggest the CB3200 PRO, which is the 3200 mounted on the pedestal stand. This pedestal stand can be set to a height of 41", which is quite tall. In addition, if you let us know, we will flip the base and mount the foot pedals further away from your seated position by about 10 inches. This makes it much more comfortable for a person with long legs or tall stature. Alternatively, you can choose the CB4500. Same stand, same option, greater sewing capabilities. Because we are the westernmost Cowboy dealer, we commonly ship to the Northwest states, and have many customer in those states you've mentioned.