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  1. Considering adding another medium duty stitcher. It will not replace my CB 227R, but will be set up to run slightly heavier thread. Been considering one of the 341 clones, but I happened onto a video demoing the CB 6900. It looks interesting, but I’ve yet to find a price or any user feedback. Do any of you use one? I’d love to share that experience. Thanks and Shalom Jim in Marion, NC
  2. I’m late to this party. Do you have anything left? Thanks, Jim 828-460-77913
  3. Looking for one, but yours is too rich for my blood.
  4. I want to add shoe repair to our harness and general leatherwork business. I would prefer to buy the equipment and contents of an existing shoe shop, but I will consider what shoe repair items you may have case by case. Contact me any way you like. No calls or texts on Saturday. Thanks, Jim eight 2 eight 4 six 0 seven 9 one 3 lostranger (at) mindspring (dot) com
  5. I’m looking for a source for Eddington thread. I’ve been buying it for a couple of years from Solar Leather, and I love it. Now that he is out of business, I cannot find another source. I contacted Bennington, but they did not respond. Surely someone sells their products. Thanks, Jim in NC
  6. Thanks for each comment. Specific sources is what I’m after. I have bookmarked both the sites mentioned by JLSLeather, and I will contact them to discuss my needs. I’d love for more of you to chime in. We’ve done harness and strap goods for a long time and never felt that we needed a clicker. That changed when we broadened our line three years ago. Cutting parts by hand has gotten to be oppressive for the two of us. Most of you know that story.
  7. Are these machines still available?
  8. Contact me directly when you get a chance. lostranger (at) mindspring (dot) com
  9. I need to have several dies made, but the prices I've found so far scare me. Of course I do not want to buy junk, but neither do I want to have to mortgage the farm to buy some dies. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced source with which you have experience? TIA Jim in NC
  10. I have a good Champion wide throat I would trade. jim in NC
  11. Looking for Cowboy CB 818 or similar. Looks like not much recent activity on this site, but I’m giving a few equipment want ads a try. Our shop is expanding a bit, and we’re looking for a clicker and at least one additional stitcher. If you’re selling out an entire shop, i’d Like to talk. TIA
  12. Looking for Cowboy CB5500 or Cobra Class 4-25. If similar machines are sold under brands, I will consider them. I’m in Western North Carolina, but will consider any location in North America. TIA
  13. Is this machine available?
  14. Is this machine available?
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