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Blacksmith Helps a Lame Horse

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I know there are a lot of horse people on this forum, and I found this very interesting!

This horse was so very lame the owners were considering euthanasia.

Then the blacksmith found a huge hole in the sole of the horse's foot. (I think they need to find a new vet! The vet should have been the first to find the problem!)

He actually forged a special bar shoe to help protect the foot while it healed. If you're a horse person you will know how rare it is these days to forge a shoe from scratch, instead of using a ready-made shoe!

This video show the whole process, including the farrier finding the abscess:  https://www.facebook.com/100922664744563/videos/934916520667857

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The owners would be crazy if they thought about euthanizing! Animals are our friends… I have picked a vet for my dogs for a long time because it's about their health. I'm working at the HSUS, and it's my mission to help all animals in the whole world. I remember my first education work https://studyhippo.com/essay-examples/animal-testing/ at the university. I was crying for hours. No one didn't understand why I cried over an essay. But I can't realize how people can test their creams and cosmetics in such a cruel way. I adore that blacksmith! Many thanks to him.

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