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TRYING to set up a small pneumatic clicker....

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Another "making something out of (almost) nothing" project. I  bought this pneumatic press for a bargain on Ebay a few years (!!!) ago already and always wanted to set it up for clicking out this and that. But as so often other things crossed may way and it started collecting a lot of dust. :whistle: Back then It was just the press w/o any accessories except a spare piston (massive thing) and some paperwork.

Meanwhile I got a quite cool machine stand (donated by a friend whos Adler 69 I set up for him) and panted it olive drab and I cut down the better end of a f*cked up sewing machine table plate, sanded and clear coated it and reinforced it with some steel profiles. Also had to add a 3/4" slat on the rear side. Plate turned out quite nice I think.

I don´t know how this will end or if with will work sufficiently at all but it´s a nice project I think. I'm curious myself :lol:

Some pictures...


IMG_5035 (1).JPG

IMG_5035 (2).JPG

IMG_5035 (3).JPG

IMG_5035 (4).JPG

IMG_5035 (5).JPG

IMG_5035 (6).JPG

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Probably work out good for small stuff.  Probably good for thin light leather like watch bands and wallets.  I can't tell how big your cylinder is, but from a guess based on 100psi air pressure you're looking at 1/2 ton maybe.   I have a pair of Air Mites that I use and they look to have a considerably larger cylinder and they're rated at just under 1ton.  My Atoms are 27 US tons.

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Paperwork says 8KN at 5 Bar (72.5 PSI) but I´m sure the thing will not blow off at 6 Bar or so - but we will see. Still quite some work...

I´m just cleaning it and replace the gasket. Thats quite a piston :huh: and its in really like new condition (and I still have a spare piston)



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