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German book on leatherwork

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@Klara That is a little consolation indeed, but I would still like to learn how to make a Western saddle, just because it seems like an interesting and satisfying project :-)

@TomE Thanks, I wrote Tandy yesterday, so unless they revert to me Monday that they are able to get the book, I'll try to contact Springfield Leather.

I would prefer to get it from Tandy Europe because the Danish government has enforced some ridiculously strict policies regarding stuff sent from the rest of the world. If I buy a book from USA, there will be a 10% import duty, on top of that 25% VAT, and on top of that a handling fee of 30 US $... :ranting2: 
So it is not that I prefer Tandy above other suppliers, but I prefer to keep my own hard earned money instead of paying them in weird taxes :lol:

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