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Offering bench splitter blade sharpening

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I have a tormek t-8 standard stone and japanese stone (4000 grit) and if you're tired of trying to sharpen your bench splitter blade on sand paper on a flat stone or glass send it my way and I'll get you taken care of.  Also very capable of sharpening other leather working tools if needed as well.  Bench splitter blades will be $20ish plus return shipping, they don't need sharpened often and can be maintained by stropping for a long time after they are sharp.


Benefits of my method is that it maintains a perfectly strait edge with the jig I use.  Usually the middle portion see more use than the edge and I'll bring it all back to true without removing too much steel, or risking over heating the edge.


Thanks for your time feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to get back to you promptly.  Oh, I'm based in Northern California. (hidegear on instagram)

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