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  1. aaronthearcher

    Brand name

    Recycled Skin
  2. aaronthearcher

    Black dog collar in/for US customer

    I'm in california, @hidegear on instagram, she's welcome to reach out to me.
  3. aaronthearcher

    Help choosing a servo motor for a ferdco pro 2000

    Ended up going with the one from leathermachineco/cobra 5 year warranty, sponsor here, has other parts for my ferdco (needed more bobbins), and the tech and sales folk I talked with were really helpful. Helps that they are also in state so shipping should be pretty quick. Helps that @Cobra Steve has so many good things said here about everything from that company.
  4. aaronthearcher

    Help choosing a servo motor for a ferdco pro 2000

    yeah I'm leaning toward the brushless right now, helps I can go pick one up at artisan since I'm in the bay area, the other option would be the one from leather machine co but the artisan is 750 watt
  5. aaronthearcher

    Help choosing a servo motor for a ferdco pro 2000

    That's what I was thinking originally too, but my table has a sheet metal body and it would be a pain to turn that on and off without the remote switch away from the motor itself, with a normal table this would be great...
  6. aaronthearcher

    Help choosing a servo motor for a ferdco pro 2000

    @dikman thanks so much for the help that's kind of what I figured, any opinion/advice on brushed vs brushless?
  7. I just recently purchased a ferdco pro 2000 (juki 441 clone) it's 19 years old and very low hours came with a clutch motor. I'm thinking I'd really like the upgrade to a servo motor. I'm trying to decide brushed or brushless, experience with RC vehicles makes me lean toward brushless but maybe the torque needs point toward the brushed... The machine already has a speed reducer though it is a greased shaft, and not on ball bearings (a future upgrade if needed). Motors I'm considering. Leather Machine Co. $145 plus shipping https://www.leathermachineco.com/product/brushless-digital-d-c-servo-motor/ Techsew 550 $119 http://www.techsew.com/techsew-550-servo-motor.html Toledo industrial machines fs 550s (family sew) $135 shipped https://www.tolindsewmach.com/motors.html Reliable sewquiet $169 shipped (amazon) https://reliablecorporation.com/products/sewquiet-6000sm-servomotor Artisan acf-625 $195 I can pick this one up at their shop.http://www.artisansew.com/motors.html The other thing I can't figure out if I would want or need is a needle positioner/synchronizer some of these have the option some don't and it varies the price a lot. Maybe there are other great options I missed, don't have the money for the EFKA but please share thoughts and experience. I've been reading the forums and gleaning information but wondered what the consensus is on these things. Thanks
  8. aaronthearcher

    Wuta 7spi 3.85mm 2+8 prong set $80 shipped conus

    Sold I’ll pm PayPal info
  9. Title explains it. I’m selling these to get Japanese style irons which I prefer. These are awesome European style polished and sharp. Check out pics and reviews. I paid $107 for the set and used them to make a couple wallets can be seen at HideGear on Instagram https://imgur.com/gallery/GxPp2hF
  10. aaronthearcher

    Dixon pricking irons

    All sets sold
  11. aaronthearcher

    Dixon pricking irons

    4spi set is sold
  12. aaronthearcher

    Dixon pricking irons

    Asking $75 per spi set. Value that’s been suggested to me by someone experienced in selling these tools is 125 per set. Cleaned them up a bit have a better look
  13. aaronthearcher

    Dixon pricking irons

    Dixon pricking irons made in England. I don’t know how old they are I purchased from a shop going out of business (owner is 96) they are not made any more they are stamped England and the spi number sets of 4 5 6 and 7 spi they are hand made I just found I prefer Japanese style irons. Shoot me an email hidegear1 (at) gmail.com would like to sell all at once but might be willing to sell in spi sets
  14. aaronthearcher

    Dixon pricking

    Are you still looking for Dixon’s I have a few vintage sets 4spi 7 and 2 tooth 5spi 9 and 2 tooth 6spi 10 and 2 tooth 7spi 12 and 2 tooth all dirty but rust free
  15. aaronthearcher

    Fercdco pro 2000, Adler 30, Stimpson riveter

    Shipping is a possibility for these Items Buyer would be responsible for shipping and handling fees