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  1. aaronthearcher

    Rare Joseph Dixon Splitter 8in $550

  2. aaronthearcher

    Jason System foil stamping machine

    is your press still available? I'll send a PM
  3. aaronthearcher

    Rare Joseph Dixon Splitter 8in $550

    now $450
  4. aaronthearcher

    Dixon 6” splitter blade wanted

    I have a complete 8 in if you were interested
  5. aaronthearcher

    Rare Joseph Dixon Splitter 8in $550

    bump and 500 shipped in the Continental US
  6. did you want the deer? I'd give you a great bargin
  7. aaronthearcher

    Hot stamping machine $70 Jersey City

    sending pm
  8. aaronthearcher

    Rare Joseph Dixon Splitter 8in $550

    Now $500
  9. aaronthearcher

    Rare Joseph Dixon Splitter 8in $550

    This is a hard to find splitter I’ve only seen the 4 and 6 in available before I found this with a bunch of tools I purchased from a 97 year old saddle maker. It’s used but in great working order the blasé is sharp and stropped razor sharp. The 4 original blade adjustment screws will come with. There are new stainless ones in the picture that worked better for me. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m asking 550 local pick up Sonoma county California but happy to ship at whatever shipping costs me. I think it might even fit a medium flat rate once handle is off. I’m only selling because I have an Osborne 84 as well. let me know I’d you have any questions or want to make an offer by PM
  10. aaronthearcher

    soccer ball rebuild

    I did. Took one from an old ripped apart soccer ball. The bladder is just in with friction not glued in place so if it gets deflated it’s in trouble to realign the hole. But keep it inflated it will be good to go Lol true most places. One of my next projects is going to be an American football. And also a client wants some retro basketballs made.
  11. aaronthearcher

    soccer ball rebuild

    Thanks. I’ll try and figure out how to post in the gallery Thanks so much. I thought about attempting some of it in my sewing machine but it’s the pandemic. What else is there to do?
  12. aaronthearcher

    soccer ball rebuild

    if I would have thought of that... great idea, I do lack any round hole stitching irons though, so it would have been a one hole at a time situation, not my cup of tea when I have the 5spi irons handy
  13. aaronthearcher

    Ferdco SuperBull

    I have ferdco pro 2000, I'm not sure how it compares to the 441 (i know its a clone and supposed to be a good one) but if you want any pics let me know happy to help out.