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Advice Setting Up Benchtop Buffer - 6" Or 8"?

31 May 2011 - 07:22 PM

I'm finally breaking down to set up a benchtop buffer, motorized with a buffer on each side.

QUESTION: Do I get a 6" benchtop buffer, or 8"?

(By default, the 6" is cheaper, and it seems both 6" and 8" pads are fairly common, but perhaps the 8" is slightly more common -- there's a nice spiral sewn (thick) 8" on Amazon, but they don't have a similar one for 6", but I can find other hard 1" thick 6" buffer wheels ...)


QUESTION: What two buffing compounds? (I'm currently thinking about Zam on one side and Yellowstone on the other.)

(I'd like "softer" compounds, but figure the Yellowstone won't stain leather as much as will the red rouge (which was the thought if I didn't go with Yellowstone; Note that there is a pretty good discussion on compounds at: <http://leatherworker...=1&#entry19228>


Finally, there's no shame in buying cheap Harbor Freight, right? (They have both 6" and 8" benchtop buffers, the 6" was recently on sale and a bit cheaper.)