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  1. I think you have your thread controler set wrong, try like mine and see if it helps, good luck, mick
  2. Thanks for the info Bob, just what I need. Mick
  3. Hi all, just a quick question, I'm selling my 132b6 (same as 132k6) and have been asked if it can be fitted with a wheel foot and what is the lightest weight leather it can handle, I know its fine with upholstery weight but if it will handle thinner stuff i've no idea. thanks in advance if anyone can give me the info, Mick
  4. Hi, I got a Singer 211U166A last week as I wanted a machine with reverse and fitted my Servo motor from my Singer 132B6. All I can say is I'm over the moon as I can sew 2 layers of 4.5mm (9mm) of dyed through veg with ease though I have to use the knee lift to get it under the foot. I think that any 211's with lower number than the 166 don't have reverse though I may be wrong. My bobbins are regular size though hold a good amount of thread. hope this helps, mick
  5. Hi Again, Malabar, I've sold about 50 of these frogs and the 2 in the pics are the only ones I've had returned as yet but I'm braced for more looking at the state of these, Most of the stuff I sell goes to guys working on Oil refineries or Power plants and do get abuse and are liable to contact with chemicals but I pride myself on my gear being of good quality (one of the reasons I use saddlers rivets instead of tubular as many do) and one of the reasons I need to get to the bottom of my problem. I've seen some of my gear that's in daily use and standing up well. Chuck, Glad to hear from you as I know when it comes to vinagroon your the man. I,m very interested in your comment about Mexican hides and vinagroon, Hopefully this is the problem as I,m not likely to get anymore Mexican. I would like to have another go with Vinagroon but next time I'll do more research and try to get it right on test pieces before jumping in with stuff for sale. I may try moving on to Heavy Chrome, I know that Claytons tanners in Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK (which is only 40 miles from me) do a dyed through black chrome but weather its in my price range or not remains to be seen. Thanks again to everyone for your input and I hope this thread can be of help to others. Mick
  6. Hi, again Art, I think you may have hit the nail on the head as I was just experimenting with the Vinagroon and Didn't neutralize thoroughly so these pieces probably came from that batch, thanks for pointing that out. Joe M and Spinner thanks for your input. Hope you all have a good 2012. Mick
  7. At the moment I'm leaning towards poor finish and abuse in use. I estimate the frog is about 1 year old, the rivets are for strength rather than looks and they soon look grubby but easily clean up if you need to The main thing I'm looking to find out is if anyone has seen leather this bad and the cause thanks again Mick
  8. Hi all I make frogs for scaffolder here in the UK and have always been happy with my stuff. I have recently had some comebacks and with good reason The leather I use is 4mm dyed through double butt veg (yes I know I'd be better using chrome but the guys I sell to Like Black). A while back I got hold of some cheap mexican undyed veg and vinagrooned them, I was happy with the resulting colour but couldn't stand the smell so don't do that now. I didn't keep record of what went where so I don't know if these comebacks are from the Mexican batch. Now have you seen this before? Do you think its as a result of Vinagroon? Do you think its the Mexican hides? Do you think its a problem with finishing? or do you think its a problem with abuse i.e. out in the rain, contact with chemicals, petrochems etc. Thanks in advance if you can help. and I,ll answer everyone as soon as I can, Mick
  9. Hi, I use Letterpress fonts found on ebay and are very cheap, You will be able to get almost any size and font type you need. I use a composing stick to hold the letters and a press. These are made of lead which is a very soft metal but as long as you don't drop them they'll last ages Hope this is of help to you. Mick
  10. OK Fixed it, the timing was out, a loose screw on the clamp had let the needle bar slip. Hope this helps someone else, mick.
  11. Hi all, I recently bought a 45k1 that's been in a garage for years. I've run some thread and a new needle in it, filled a bobbin and turned it over. The machine turns over smooth but the shuttle won't pick up a loop from the needle. I've had a good look through the parts list online and I've checked that the bobbin is wound correctly and inserted ok ( even though these is a fair bit of surface rust) and the thread run is correct as per the instruction manual on bootmakers. The only piece that seems to be missing is the shuttle guard (part number 91048) though it looks like its never had one. Has anyone had my problem? and can give me any idea as to what I'm doing wrong. Also has anyone got one of these flatbeds without the shuttle guard. Thanks if you can help, mick
  12. Thanks for the info Bob, maybe i'm being a bit too ambitious for my machine, Mick
  13. Hi all, I recently got hold of a cop of very heavy thread to try a bit of fancy stitching on my singer 132b6. The thread is metric 5 and the needles I got are 280 ( a bit like nails) but the needles are too big to fit through the hole in the presser foot, I don't want to drill the hole bigger if the machine can't handle this size of thread and needle so i'm wondering if anyone can advise if I'm on a winner or not. Sorry I'm not too good on US sizes Thanks if anyone can help, Mick.
  14. I think you are right charlie. Another ( expensive) lesson. I don't think they'll take it back in 2" strips.
  15. Hi all, I recently bought a hide from Clayton Tanners of Chesterfield UK, I asked for a hide that would be good for very heavy, tool work belts for the construction trade. They suggested Chrome tan but I wanted to dye my belts so they came up with a double butt dressing hide of about 4.5mm substance. When I received it, it felt very stiff almost like sole leather so rang them and they said they would change it, If I wanted to visit the tannery I could select a hide of my choice. I only live 50 miles from the tannery so made a trip there and they gave me a full tour of the warehouse and cutting rooms (Heaven) there must have been 1000's of hides of every type you can think of and of cause I couldn't decide so they ran the dressing hide I took back through a massive roller type tool that beat the hell out of the leather and left me with a much softer hide just right for my needs. Now my problem is after cutting straps of 2" I gave them a good coating of neatsfoot oil, let dry, dyed and let dry, then a coating of canueba creme and buffed but the middle part of the straps have become wrinkled. Has anyone any idea why? or what I may be doing wrong. Thanks if anyone can help. mick.
  16. Hi all, Just a quick question, how do I fix the belt tip with this washer thingy so that it will stay in place? thanks in advance mick
  17. Thanks for the info steve. Scottishshoemaker, I contacted Sew-europe today about the spring and they are getting one for me for thursday, thanks for the link, mick
  18. Hello again, Thanks for your answers. Ross and Bob, I think I do need to feed the leather a bit with Neatsfoot oil to make it more supple and the next belt I do I'll follow your methods, I do need more of a matt look as this belt will be far too posh for a construction work environment. Ray, You have probably hit the nail on the head, the veg tan I used came from Le Prevo, Newcastle UK. and I've had it in a warm room for too long so your probably right, I'm new to the leather game and consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon this forum with such a great bunch of experts willing to help the new guys, thank you all for your help, mick.
  19. Thanks for the part number Tony, that should help me get one. mick
  20. Thanks for the info guys. tried the lever, works great, the only problems I have with the machine is it goes like a rocket when I press the pedel, I did reduce the speed by putting a 2" pulley on the motor but I need practise untill I can aford a servo. I,ve also found a broken spring which I think throws the outer presser foot forward, hopefully I,ll be able to locate one in the uk. If anyone knows who may be able to supply one I'd be greatful.
  21. Hello all, I bought this recently on fleebay uk (£290) from someone who thought it was a 45k but I think is a 132k6 or similar, can anyone give a positive i.d. on it for me please, there is no id plate on the front where you would expect it, just a number plate at the rear of the neck (MH9201538) Also can anyone tell the use of the lever in the pic. thanks for your help, mick
  22. Hello to all, I'm new to posting on the forum infact this is my first, I,ve been lurking in the background for a few weeks now and I must say it,s great to see how the members here help each and everyone regardless of how simple or complex a problem may be. I have only just started to work with leather as a hobby as I am close to retirement age and need a usefull and possibly profitable passtime. Well here's my first problem, I have made 3 belt straps for my grand sons who all work in the construction trade, The belts are cut from 3.5mm veg tan hide, cased, edged, and creased which all went well then I dyed them with Fiebings Professional Oil Dye, (2 coats) then edged with Gum Tragacanth and 2 good coats of Carnauba Cream, I don't think I gave each treatment enough time to dry between but all looks good untill I bend the straps and the finish is then cracking. Do you think the problem is my drying time or am I doing something wrong. Thanks in advance if anyone can help or sugest a differant procedure to the way I'm doing things or sugest differant dye or finishing. thanks again, mick
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