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  1. thanke you al !! best regard from Germany Arno
  2. Hello everybody, I have a new Hitex bought in Germany 3200 sewing machine. I would like to sew the 277er thread so. what is the best needle size for a very nice seam pattern? I will sew about 2 lay saddle leather Thank you very much Arno www.arnobuck.de
  3. can i buy a Tool line this ??? best Regard Arno
  4. ..Hallo ... Your Work looks absolute fine and good !!! from Germany Arno
  5. Gratuliere Dir ..super und sehr Saubere Arbeit !! schönen Gruß vom See Arno
  6. ...looks absolute good Mike !! best regard Arno
  7. Hallo Ralph, hast Du noch Werkzeuge von Blanchard zu verkaufen ?? Ich bin auf der Suche nach guten Lederwerkzeugen:) Schönen Gruß vom See ( Germany) Arno
  8. .. looks absolut Genial !! Arno
  9. ...looks absolute good !! Arno
  10. Thanke you Enrique, you can see it in Samon Arno
  11. Hi The belt length is about 90 cm and the braid is very fine butCut the strings and the course included But try it once myself, it had to take time Greetings from Germany Arno
  12. thank you Joe, I can not tell you the Name of this Braiding, they've learned in Argentina last Year
  13. Hallo, i make a new Braiding on my Belt - only 2 long 2,3mm Strings from Kangaroo - and 7 Hour Braiding Arno
  14. nice and clean Braiding !!
  15. Handwerker

    Bolo Tie

    ... Nice and clean Work my Amigo !!! Arno
  16. Hi Enrique, looks absolut good !! thanke you Arno
  17. Hi my Friend Enrique, i make also a Knife in Argentina Style - Blade is Damasteel -2 Caps are in Silver - Handle 1,2mm Rawhide String`s nom i make Softened RAwhide from the Sheath ! Arno
  18. Hi I will show you two new leather of my work here The leather was divorced from 3.5 mm leather and inside with 1mm leather. It was hand sewn with braided twine.
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