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  1. Use a C Clamp and a small block to impress the image if feasible.to project size... When using a C Clamp be cautious of over stamping, you can impress the sides of the stamp if your not carful.. When done correctly the imprint is flawless and superior to "pounding in" the design.
  2. AZ09

    Homemade Maul

    great idea, what kind of weight does it have?
  3. That is quite beautiful.. and along the lines of what I'm trying to accomplish.. TY for the tips I will be trying things out next week. I'll probably have a bunch more questions.
  4. :yes:Thank you..I figured about that.. Any more tips would be appreciated. Good karma Tal~
  5. Howdy folks, I've obtained some nice flatbottom crafting specimens I want to inlay with in my leather. Can anybody direct me on just how to do it? For lack of better description I want to surround/secure the outside of my stones with the leather. Tal~
  6. Hello, I want to purchase a membership, with a money order. Could you give me an address to send payment to start a membership for me? Peace Tal~ aka "AZ09" Name: Admin UserName: AZ09 IP Address: Email Address: steel_talonz@hotmail.com
  7. Also search youtube,I seem to recall a video of a guy making a sheath in his shop using rivets...
  8. Trying to get back into leather work after long illness

    1. LNLeather


      Glad to her you are feeling better and able to get back to the leatherwork bench...

  9. Aerosmith "I'm Back in The Saddle Again" glad the forum is back!

  10. FWIW I always build my benches to accommodate me standing. I then use a science lab chair to sit at the bench. So basically I get the best of both worlds. Now Al Stholman made a simple seated work area you can search around for the plans. Also I found for leather working I prefer to have my bench accessible on all sides. I tend to make my tops a minimum of 6x10.Again allot depends on your shop space. remember to build them sturdy.
  11. TT, Thanks for the link..Ive never come across a striped one like that one you have.. I've always found my "few"good knobs in 2nd hand type stores and yard sales here in the county. Never made real special handles for them. Usually Oak or Cherry wood scrap rounds I bum off a local cabinet maker After drilling I secure with a super set epoxy resin. The reason I dont have one nowis I tend to give things away to friends and people I meet that express interest. Right now I use a couple of those " Hemingray"green or clear glass insulators used on the old wooden telephone pole cross ties. Make pretty nifty edge slickers to. Here for visual of the different models Tal~
  12. SWEET!! That amber stripped one caught my eye!! If your selling it shoot me a PM! Where did you pick up your knobs at? Tal~
  13. Hello Good Friends, I'm going to start making some tobacco pouches "Roll/fold over" type first then progress from there. I'm in need of your helpful suggestions please .. * What would be the leather choice Kip, Pig, Deer, Elk, chap??? Natural or pre dyed * Should I line the inside of the pouch to prevent crossover contamination? If so what should I line it with? * Any one have patterns or a source for patterns * I alo plan to make pipe pouches also. I'm an open book here, Peace Tal~
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