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  1. Could someone tell me the diferance between austrailian stock and english saddles? to me they look very similer. i am trying to learn about thes types of saddles becouse here in Maryland we use english types of saddles and i am hoping to learn to repair them and maybe make some custom ones to but all i can fined is a book on making austrailian stock saddles. thank you for all your help
  2. I don't know about using mac but i do know that some of bighous daddy's stuf is on 8 1/2 by 11 and some are on 8 1/2 by 14 papper I don't know about using mac but i do know that some of bighous daddy's stuf is on 8 1/2 by 11 and some are on 8 1/2 by 14 papper
  3. Thanks everyone your input has been a great help Donnie
  4. hay all, I am getting ready to make myself a new pool que case and i was wandering what would be good to use to protect the ques? i was thinking eather pvc pipe or aluminum electrical conduet. any help in this area would be great. Thanks Donnie
  5. Hay all, i am looking for ideas on making home made stamp presses and home made clicker press? i know about using arbor presses and 20 ton shop presses i am looking for inventive home made devices i am working on some of my own ideas and will post here what i come up with and i would like to know what all of you guys have come up with and how they worked for you so fell freeto post your ideas no matter how weered and unusual they are catch you all on the flip side Donnie Blaze
  6. thanks for the info king's x. i have the dremmal just need the attatchment or info on making them my self
  7. Does any one now how or now where i may fin info on making my own manual and electric burnishers?
  8. Thanks Gesa For that link they have a lot of realy cool stuff
  9. Hay all it has been a while since ive been on. i am looking for miniature saddle patterns eather for 1/9 th scale model horses or the half pint roper saddle. complet patterns and instructions would be great. thanks inadvance for any and all help
  10. Thanks for the compliments on my work, they are always appreciated. Would love to see the vest when it's finished, and if you need any help or advise, don't hesitate to ask...


  11. yep that one of your's i love it works real good. i used it on the sheath. i lke it i am working on a project for you right now using the slicker i will be sending it out soon i will let you know when i ship it
  12. this is my first sheath what do you all think?
  13. i hear a lot of people complaining about the quality of craft tools here. if any one wants to get rid of ther craft tools any condition as long as they are mostly srate i will be happy to take them of your hands. they can be very crappy i don't care as i will recondition them and remake them. i have access to some good metal working equipment and i am looking to make my own tools just need somthing to work with to get them right. so if you would like to get rid of your old crapy tools let me know. Thanks Donnie Blaze
  14. I would like to try all patterns. i am how ever limited in my tools. i have the basic 7 and a few mor cams, veaners,seeders,and bevelers. so any thing i do i have to use what i got so that i gues will help me figure out what tools will work and what will not work.
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