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  1. Actually....I have absolutly NO clue about any story related to this pic...you see my mom is the one who got me in to this carving thingie Im not picking patterns to do she does it for me and Im not cutting them out either she does that for me too..u know the thing you do with the knife before starting to "tool(?)" them. But Im sure its got some sort of story to it like everything else from that era If your take on it is correct i think it would be a cool idea to show his bare feet so thx for that tip Ill get my mom to explain how the pattern came to be cuz she knows that type of information /J
  2. :D yeah thx for that tip! I can see that too and especially on the photo of it I will post the finished thingie here when its done Thx for the comments and ppl dont be afraid to critizise me!!!!! tell me what im doing wrong or what I can do better/improve and so forth. Thanks again J
  3. Well I promised I would keep posting stuff i "tool"? carve or whatever u guys call it This is a pattern from a norwegian church from the time of the vikings and my mom cut it and stuff so I could beat it Well anyways Only the strings on the guitarr looking thingie isnt done otherwise its just the coloring left :D
  4. Wow thanks everyone....I never thought it was THAT good but your words sure are a good reason to continue with this tooling thingie Im not good a taking a compliment, never have been..but thanks anyways. /J
  5. Storm, to me your translations did not look as the ones my hubby makes with the google translater, they where "to much right" and it felt like you actually did this yourself:-) Jag har haft engelska språket runt om mig större delen av mitt liv och förstår kanske 99%, bara min gramatik är hemsk men det är den på svenska med, speciellt i skrift. Så, om jag är mer bekväm i svenska? Jag vet inte, jag kan till och med gräla riktigt bra på engelska med *LMAO* Well talk about me getting a snap on the nose for that comment I actually never used google translate but my fiancé has and he said it was good so I actually took the liberty to asume that you used that. My misstake Swedish is not the 1st language one would expect ANYONE in this world to learn if one doesnt live here, so I appologize Storm + I always want to badger my mom for something that she doesnt know, Im a terrorist-doughter hahaha (She will most definitely agree to that one) I will post my progression as it comes along, Im still SUCH a newbe and it will take a LOOOONG time before I start cutting?carving? you know the thing with the knife thingie, the pattern out myself, mom is sooo much better than me at that, yes Ive tryed, SUX! I also feel I have to get the lingo :S anyone like to post me a quickie dictionary with the most common slangs?
  6. mooooooooom dööööööööö its called google translate And Im 27, I have NO problem with my age (lier lier pants on fire haha)
  7. Hi and thank you! What a pleasant welcome :D

    @Johanna: Ill tell her ;) she lives just above me here in sweden now :D

  8. Ok thanks everyone! I still think it doesnt look nearly as nice as mom does but maby a good start, she said " i could have done this" when I was finished, I think she was just beeing a mom ofc /Jannicke
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