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  1. Thanks for reply,will go with black.
  2. Hi all,making an infantrymans belt of the south side ,would black brown or oiled be more authentic?
  3. Hi,how did you mould the double pouch?i want a triple mag pouch but have only moulded single pouches,i would love to know how you achieved yours.nice work by the way.
  4. hi all,i want to make a copy of a flap holster and triple mag pouch for the Norwegian m1914 copy of the m1911a1.My query is how to achieve the multiple pouch by moulding.I usually use a wood former for pouches but this has me stumped,any advice welcomed,thanks,mark.
  5. hi,i have just finished stitching some faux sheepskin to a padded guitar strap but it took an age,is there a technique or is it just a pig to do?
  6. thanks,appreciate all your help thanks for your kind words.
  7. thanks,it was scary messing with someone elses stuff so tried to keep it low key,was terrified i would destroy them!
  8. Thanks for the help and advice, I decided on a minimal approach and have settled on using a water based dye and wax Polish and bit of wire wool to ding them up a bit. Have got some before and after pics. Thanks again.
  9. thanks,will give it a go.looks good,like the colour
  10. thanks for replies,would brown dye then tan polish and a light scuffing be reasonably accurate for a ww2 holster?
  11. can you overdo the neetsfoot oil and clog up the leather or should i use progressive light coats of oil?
  12. i would like to go with the idea of oiling and representing darkened rubbed areas but do not own an airbrush,any ideas to create a similar effect?what about dye applied sparingly with a cloth?
  13. when i started messing with leather ,i tried pretend stuff and nearly gave up.then i discovered charity shops and found leather items i could pick apart to practise on.ebay was my next step with scrap pieces until i could sell a few things and afford a decent side of veg tan.my point is ,it is a struggle at first if funds are sparse but with a bit of improvisation and research you will achieve what for me is a very satisfying hobby.good luck.p.s. have you tried leather and stuff on ebay?they occasionally sell boxes of scrap at reasonable price.
  14. good point,maybe minimal wear would be more accurate.perhaps i will restrict the ageing techniques to western style holsters that would have seen more use.thanks for your opinions.
  15. thanks all for some interesting info.my friend is part of a group planning to recreate us troops present at the normandy landings and wants a holster that would look used and probably seen combat.i am also giving a brace of m3 tanker holsters the same treatment .i will try to post some photos as i go and would like your comments.thanks again
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