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  1. Whats the best way to clean this thing up? I sold the machine so the Bobbin winder is surplus to my needs and I'd like to get it cleaned and ready for sale. Just heat and scrub?
  2. Thank you, I didn't know if I should clean it or leave if (horror stories of antiques being worth less when cleaned and all).
  3. I've acquired an electric winder for my Randall Harness stitcher, previously I've used this Pearson No 6 winder and it's worked flawlessly, but I probably won't use it anymore. Anyone know the value of one of these? It's beautiful to look at if nothing else
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the info. I already have a modern pony so I'll leave this one as is and user it for a display of some kind. Many thanks!
  5. At least I think that's what I bought listed as "antique clamp", I figured for $20 (Canadian mind you...) How could a guy go wrong. All the screws turn, it clamps down, neat conversion peice if nothing else. There's even a plate on the bottom to keep the screw from digging into the bench. Gotta be old, any guesses? Thought I'd share.
  6. And whipped these up last night Celtic pattern in Brown: And "Triweave" in Java ("bi-weave on the keeper, as triweave was just too wide for a belt loop ) : Really enjoying the Embosser, I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of one to add to the collection if you have a desire to do embossing.
  7. The Celtic worked out good, even found some Celtic Chicago screws.
  8. @Rockoboy I agree, I need to either find brushed nickle Chicago screws or buttons, or change the buckle, it was just what I had at the time in the basket-o-buckles in 1-1/4" @billybopp Thanks, I ran across your post when I was researching if I wanted to purchase it or not, thanks for posting, it was very helpful. Great idea to take off the one guide and emboss wider leathers, I'd have never thought of that. I think there might be a plain line roller, there was something that didn't look like the rest, I'll check it out when I get home tonight. Love the little boxes! That's a bit above my talent set right now. I've been on the lookout for new rolls, have a 1-1/4" basketweave on it's way as we speak (current one is 1-1/2"), I also have doubles of the triweave and motorbike one if anyone's looking to trade. I've also found this site: https://leatherstampstools.com/31-belt-rollers Not sure if those fit my machine or not, if they do, I'll be ordering some. I also found an old Tandy catalog online showing some of the rolls offered, I'd like to get the "3820-00 rope" one and the "3826-00 Geometric" one
  9. Thank you, sorry I missed this post. I'll dig out some grommets and see what fits what.
  10. Had a chance to try out the embosser for real rather than just scraps, turned out really well, 7-8oz veg, wet, embossed (even did the belt loop ) at 1-1/2" with the "basketweave" pattern, dyed "java" afterwards, I guess I could have run a shell stamp around the belt loop to make it match, maybe next one.: Then tried the "leaves and acorns" on a 1-1/4" 7-8oz, same process, wet, emboss, dye in Java, this one I didn't know what to do with the belt loop so I took a look through all the stamps I got in the deal, and sure enough, a tiny acorn. Why not. Might be a bit "kitchy" buy my wife liked it so... Not a huge fan of the buckle but I'll look though all the stuff and see if I can find a more appropriate one, I used some Chicago screws instead of snaps so I can easily change the color in case a brass buckle or otherwise is more appropriate, we'll see when I get digging into the buckles.
  11. I like your Avatar, we have a friend that works at KW so we made her some goods to give out at Xmas:
  12. Some of the buckles: Pretty specific audience for this puppy: And hat bands! Been on my list to try a hat band, now I have the hardware to try:
  13. These are neat (ran out of attachment space on the other posts). Next up is the 10.5'lb (yes, I weighed it) of buckles, but that will have to wait for another night, have to find some bins, pegboard, or something to get all these organized. There were keychain rings, small medium and large spring snaps for dog collars, and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff mixed in but I won't bore with all that.
  14. They aren't expensive, but they add up. Got conchos? All the spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs I'll ever need I think: Skulls arn't my market or my thing, but If I never need..so...many...skulls...even those little buckles have skulls on them These go with the jeweled rivets I think: I got the market on the rodeo..things: And misc:
  15. Ok. Got the tools mostly organized, time to dive into the Rivets, snaps, and conchos. This table (8') is just rivets, eyelets, and snaps Table-o-rivets and such: All of these a guy could want, in all sizes: Same thing with eyelets: Lots of jeweled rivets: From big to small: All manner of spikes: Rivets and D'rings, I'm not going to need to buy rivets for a good long while (I apologize for the camera, phone update and the camera can't take pics indoors anymore): I dunno even where to start, that's a large ziplock freezer bag full:
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