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  1. Thanks you guys! The praise of my colleagues is highest praise I could get!
  2. I'll check with them tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. I need to purchase a small amount (2 - 3 square feet) of a shiny gold leather for a custom order I am doing for a client. Similar to: But the customer really likes: But honestly, I would be happy to purchase any shiny gold leather less than a full hide. :/ Thanks for any help you can give! Dennis
  4. Thank you all so much for the kind words! I only have a small selection of stamps. mainly the ones that came with the kit I bought from Tandy many moons ago. So I played around with them and ended up using the camouflage stamp. It took many scraps of leather before I got the look I was after.
  5. This was my first time stamping a scale design, I think it turned out well. The buckle was chosen by the customer and is from an Etsy seller. The belt tip is from Raymond's Quiet Press.
  6. I recently started making wallets. Below are some photos of the second one I have made. Most people I have shown it too have loved it. However a friend of mine looked at it and said it looked weird that the stitching doesn't go all the way around the top of the wallet. Stitching across the top (on both the exterior and interior) would be completely decorative and not functional as it would be only be on one very thin layer of leather. What is the norm for wallets? Do you guys feel it needs the stitching for aesthetic purposes? Thanks for any help!
  7. Thanks! I was able to locate several iPhone and iPad dummies. Still need some kindle dummies though. None of those for sale as far as I could see. Great suggestion tho. Thanks again!
  8. Well that would require giving the woodworker the actual devices to make an exact copy so that leads back to the initial problem. Just giving the dimensions to the woodworker doesn't give him all the curves, slopes, etc.
  9. Well I need the most current ones and people want a lot even for a broken iPhone or kindle fire for example.
  10. I want to make form fitted cases for various phones, e-readers, tablets etc. I sure as hell wish I could afford to buy one of each and wrap in saran wrap to use as a form for wet or dry molding for the cases. I even tried looking into buying broken one being sold on eBay "for parts", but those are still pretty expensive. I looked but could not find anyone selling forms for these items. In other words, someone who would scan the item, then have a milling machine cut a form for the item, and then make a mold to pour plastic, rubber, resin etc into and sell them to those of us who need them. Does anyone know of someone who does this already or has the tools and might be interested in doing this? Thanks! Dennis
  11. Ah OK. Well again, this is something I am using to widen a stitching hole with. What I have is an Osbourne #32 stabbing awl round point blade. http://www.csosborne.com/no32.htm But the Awl handle I have it in doesn't grip the blade hard enough because when I pull the awl back out of the hole it pulls the blade out of the handle. Which means I have to get the pliers and pull the blade out, reset it in the handle, etc. etc. So what I am looking for is something that has a blade already in it that wont come out. Like a scratch Awl. After looking on the Osbourne site I think one of their Heavy Duty Scratch Awls, # 4-1 or # 4-2 might do. I'll look around and see if I can find one. However, if anyone comes up with a better suggestion, I'm still open to them! Dennis
  12. Can you provide a link to the Barry King tool? I looked on his site and could not find it. I found the page called "Hand Tools" and he lists a "Marking Awl" for $35.00. Is that what you were referring to? http://www.barrykingtools.com/handtools.htm# I've looked in Home Depot and the scratch awl they have has a thick blade with a point that then narrows to a point in less than a 1/8 of an inch. Not really good for what I am using it for.
  13. I appreciate the suggestion. But this is a awl handle with a chuck at the end of it that tightens. I'm not really looking to repair this one I will be using the handle for other types of awl blades. What I'm looking for is a replacement. Thank you for your suggestion! However, I live in an apartment and I don't have a grinder so that would not really be something I could do. I'm looking for for something that is ready to go out-of-the-box so to say.
  14. I have been using what I would call a scratch awl blade in a stitching awl handle to widen stitching holes. The blade is ice pick like in that it is round in profile, very sharp and tapers from a fine point to a width of about 2 mm. The problem I am having is the blade keeps popping out of the handle when I withdraw it from the leather. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more sturdy replacement?
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