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  1. After a quick search I couldn't find the information I needed. Do you guys know if the XD40 subcompact blue gun will work for molding an XD9 subcompact? Thanks!
  2. Cutting the grass (well weeds) for the first time in a month and a half. The poor mower didn't know what was going on.

  3. I found it at tandy of all places... they have added a few new heavy duty clasps. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/home/department/Hardware/Bag-Clasps-Closures/11400-04.aspx
  4. Ok as promised the pictures... I still have to put the mounting hardware on. BTW where the heck can you find the anti twist brackets for a windshield mount?
  5. The wear is one thing you won't see with the rooned leather if anything you will start to see a grey color where it gets a heavy scratch or cut but a little oil or finish seams to darken it right back. The leather gets real stiff when rooned, if you are wet molding it is easier to do before you roon it or at the same time. I am curious to see how well it holds up to the sun. I guess I will find out. When I get it completed later this week I'll post pics. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the reply. One more quick question, Have you tried it on leather that has been vinegarooned? I really like black I can get with it but it does seem to make the leather a little more resistant to water (at least initially) and you can't stamp it after words
  7. OK I have made a few holsters and other fun items but I have decided to make a tool roll for a friend. After searching for an appropriate finish for a project like this All i have found is further questions. For my holsters I typically use mop&glow cut down 50/50 with top coat of a neutral shoe polish. Will this hold up the constant sun exposure or are there better finishes that can be used on a bike. Thanks -Lon I will also be sure to share pictures when I get it done
  8. Shooter, I think it looks darn good! But when I asked the better half she thought a pink gun calls for a pink holster
  9. I like it. Is that a magnetic latch under the concho?
  10. I made a copy of the butt end out of an old 2x4 then wet molded the cap, let it dry, marked the sewing channel and cut line then cut it out. From what I could see there are bound to be a couple of wrinkles but when you glue the end cap in place and sew it down they will pull flush with the other piece. For once I am happy with a first project.
  11. Sorry about the image quality but I only had my cell phone. This is my first attempt at a butt cuff for my dads rifle. I can say the end cap was a pain to sew, but then so where the bullet loops. I think I will try the lace style bullet loops next time.
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