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  1. It's for soft briefcases. The hardware i'm looking for is mainly Closure and D-ring hardware.
  2. Thanks for all of the links but It's not quite what i'm looking for! English is not my native language, but I will try to explain myself better. With exclusive I mean luxuary hardware. Not just thin hardware made out of sheet metal. I want solid hardware , maybe cast parts in silver or bronze that you can actually feel the weight of the metal when you are holding it in your hand . A high price is not a problem if the quality matches the price. Maybe someone have Links to people making handmade or custom hardware.
  3. Hi! Where can I find really nice, solid and exclusive briefcase hardware? /Tommy
  4. Thanks everybody! Its sewn with machine with some hand stitch details.
  5. Hi! This is a laptop bag made out of leather and canvas. On the inside it has a slot for a laptop, iPad, business cards, and phone / keys. The shoulder strap is removable. This was the first time making a bag like this. It was actually easier to make than I first thought. But I was afraid all the time that I would not be able to turn it inside out at the end Allt critique is welcome! Kind regards Tommy
  6. Hi! Here are some recent orders. Candle holders, Canvas and leather purse, samsung galaxy s3 wallets and some rings. Unfortunately the pictures are taken with my iPhone, I did not have time to take good pictures Kind regards Tommy
  7. I made a new pattern for a small wallet. This is what I came up with. Kind regards Tommy
  8. The handles are just cut out and edge beveled. Not lined or anything. I agree with you that sewing the handles would look nice Ralph. I actually lined and sewed the handles on the prototype before I did this one. But my goal is to be able to make this bag in one day of work and it just took to long time to line and sew the handles. So I try to keep it as basic as possible.
  9. Yes it's lined with canvas, the same colour as the exterior. Allt fabric edges are folded.
  10. Hi! I tried to create a bag that I would be able to finish in one day, not have too expensive material costs but still not be a small bag. This is what I came up with, a canvas and leather bag. This is the first time I have tried to combine canvas and leather but I think they go well together. All critique is welcome /Tommy
  11. Hi! Some recent wallets i've made. Both with pigskin interiors. /Tommy
  12. Hello! A wallet and a briefcase. The picture quality of the briefcase is really bad and blurry, it's to big for my lightbox /Tommy
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