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  1. Thanks ~ I use 7/8 oz. for the top layer, and I usually use the same for the bottom layer although you could get by with 4/5. Good luck with yours
  2. Thanks Ray. I appreciate the comments.
  3. Thanks Mike. Not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate the info.
  4. I recently ordered some Feibings white after being told by those at Tandy that no one sells white dye. I thought it was a new product or a great find, but when I tried to thin it with reducer it seemed to clump up. When I used it straight from the bottle it went on more like a paint than a dye. Can anyone help with this?
  5. Really nice work! Looks great on that bike.
  6. Thanks for the compliments Bobby! Learned a lot on this one... can't wait for the next~
  7. Thanks David ~ I mocked-up the seat with cardboard, exact size and arc. My neighbor works for a large commercial lawnmower manufacturer. He actually had the shop guys laser cut the steel and add the proper bend. After that I welded the pins to the bottom that sit inside the 2" springs. The front of the seat is attached with a hinge I modified. All metal was then powdercoated black. Thanks again, Randy
  8. Recently completed my first "chooper style" saddle. Actually created a way to mount it on my '01 Heritage. The first test ride was a one-day, 1001 mile, 17 hour pleasure cruise out to Glacier National Park (check that one off the bucket list!). Seat performed well, but I think is best suited for shorter distances... say 700 miles or so. 7/8 oz. leather; 1/4" kangaroo lace; 1/2" of neoprene. Thanks for looking!
  9. You have some great looking leatherwork. I really like the chin strap. Might have to make one of those. Keep up the great work!

  10. RandyJ


    Hey man, nice job! I'm currently planning to do one of my own. What did you do to weatherproof it? Again, really nice work!
  11. Great looking seat! I plan on doing one soon. How do you weatherproof it? The last time I tried it the clear coat made the leather look shiny and cheap. Any help would be appreciated! Thx Randy (randyjohnson1736@gmail.com)
  12. Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't always notice the comments people make. To answer your question no, I don't do anything to protect the shield from the heat. I'm not sure what could protect it from a 1000 degrees. I try to protect them from water damage, that's about it. The rest is character ~
  13. If you still want that helmet shield template, simply send me your address and I'll get it right off to ya. No need for stamp $, this one's on me. Later

  14. Sorry, it appears my last message didn't show up here. Get me your address and I'll sent the template and some info off to you. No need for stamp $$$ brother, this one's on me! Later.

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