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  1. Looks good Colt, thanks for sharing. What was the liner you used on that sling? Also how thick do you think you'll be able to go with that upgraded singer?
  2. 3rd project? Seriously is extremely nice. For a pouch like that you could use a magnetic clasp instead of a snap.
  3. Looks pretty good thanks for sharing. One suggestion I'd replace that 5lb test fishing line with some bank line for redundancy.
  4. Stunning craftsmanship and artistic ability. Awesome to look at!
  5. Very nice, like the coloration as well. Keep up the good work.
  6. Man that is a fine piece! Love that snake like stamping on the belt. Clean and crisp and the colors are excellent as well. Truly a work of art. Hold onto that one!
  7. Wow that flask is stellar! Got to show me how you did that. Extremely nice work.
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