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  1. No, there is no difference. Sometimes.
  2. I never used oil based dyes. Only alcohol based.
  3. Thanks All! I used Heidelberger woodstain.
  4. I made some holsters for blank k-frame revolvers. I hope, you like it! Alfa G020: Keseru Pitbull 2": Zoraki R1GG:
  5. Thanks! I used X500 type stamp from ThandyLeather.
  6. Thanks All! Jeff, I think you're exaggerating! The gun is ASP RedGun. I printed the ammo with 3D printer.
  7. I made a set for Taurus M85. Left hand holster, belt, and ammo pouch for .38 spec. I hope, you like it!
  8. fgabesz

    Bowie Sheath

    Thanks All! I made 9-10 oz weight leather.
  9. I made a sheath for a custom, handmade Bowie knife. The knifemaker is Laszlo Nemeth from Hungary. I hope, you like it!