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  1. Howdy, Clayton! Where are you in MT? I'm near Kalispell.
  2. Aaron, you're exactly right. Chan doesn't have a website or (so far as I know) an e-mail address, but he's more than happy to take phone calls. I purchased two DVDs, and have watched one so far. I agree with you: extremely good. I already had "Making a Sheridan Style Notebook," and it was great for construction and assembly, but showed virtually no carving techniques. His new "Sheridan Style Tooled Checkbook," the one I've watched, is much longer, and takes pattern transfer, tooling and basketweave stamping all the way through step-by-step. After assembly, he takes you through a full lacing lesson as well. The first lesson I've learned - I have all the wrong tools for Sheridan-style! Oh no! The second DVD, which I haven't yet watched, "Small Notebook with Adjustable Closure" is over an hour and a half long and promises to be just as good. The DVDs were $19.95 each. I also bought two pattern packs from Chan. I incorrectly called them "books," but they're not. One is "Notebook Cover Patterns," and consists of 7 cover patterns (both photographic and outline) and 8 stamping patterns for the back cover. The other, "Picture Frame Patterns" has 9 frame patterns, again both photographic and outline for tracing. The pattern packs were $12.95 each. For someone like me, who has done only Tandy-style Western acanthus leaf carving and some stamping, these look like the perfect introduction to how to do Sheridan carving. Now about those tools..................... Michael P.A. Jeff, prices are above. Just an additional note - shipping was at Mr. Geer's actual cost, unlike Hidecrafters! Michael
  3. Just a followup. I did call Mr. Geer, and I'm ordering two books and two new DVDs from him. Nice guy! Hidecrafters apparently owns the original "Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving" and Geer doesn't have them for sale. He has, however, produced some new DVDs on his own, and those are the ones I've ordered. I'll post another followup after I receive them and let everyone know how they are. Michael
  4. Thanks much, Leatherneck! I noted his phone number and will call him! Michael
  5. Thanks much, King's X. Actually, Hidecrafters has only one of the DVDs, which they sell for $14.95. They want $15 to mail it! That's too ridiculous. Media mail wouldn't cost more than $3, probably less, and I have a problem paying more for shipping than the item is worth. I'm hoping that someone here has these - even slightly used - that will be more reasonable. Michael
  6. I'm looking for the following Chan Geer DVDs. Anyone have them for sale? Chan Geer Sheridan Style Flowers Chan Geer Drawing Sheridan Style Patterns Chan Geer Learn Sheridan Style Leather Carving Thanks! Michael
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