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  1. I know this topic hasn't been touched in years, but I just had the idea today and was thinking of trying it. Does anyone have any other methods besides what was talked about above? Anything you find works better to get all the tiny veins and textures from the leaves? Any specific types of leaves that work best? I saw harder ones and dry leaves. My concern with dry leaves is they will crumble under the pressure. Thanks! Mike
  2. Now that Weaver is advertising these does anyone have any more info on them? Mike
  3. Many thanks. Definitely got some thinking to do. Might start with the machine I already have and go from there.
  4. I was looking at both, but Dartmouth is closer to me so I was going to check that one out first. I have a 29-4 but it is not running right now. The previous owner let it sit out in a garage and it got all gunked up inside. I mention that because it is similar to the 17-23. Maybe I should just get that repaired rather than buy a new machine.
  5. Thank you again, I appreciate the knowledge. I'll take a look at it then and go from there!
  6. Thank you both for the imput. I can sntach one up for about $150, do you think that sounds reasonable? They claim it is in perfect working condition.
  7. I'm looking at a Singer 15-91. Does anyone have any experience with one on leather? The thickest I'd likely need to sew is two pieces of 6oz veg tan. Happy for any feedback regarding one of these machines. Thank you, Mike
  8. Some really great info here on round knives. I'm just curious if anyone has any feedback on these round knives by leather wranglers? I'm interested in getting one but it is a large investment. I really like the idea of a draw blade as well. http://www.shop.leatherwranglers.com/product.sc?productId=25&categoryId=7
  9. Thank you very much Dwight! I will give that a shot! I really appriciate the assistance. I may have bit off more than I can chew! Mike
  10. Hello. Does anyone have any hints, tips or patterns for leather helmets? I am making a Captain America helmet for someone, but could use a bit of help getting started. Thank you in advance! Mike
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