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  1. Whats the good source for getting quality veg tan leather here in the US? TIA
  2. Thanks guys. I think i got some pretty good results on test strips by sealing with tan kote. Will play some more with this.
  3. Im using a veg tan undyed/unfinished leather for buttstock wrap. I have some Tandy's Neatsfoot oil compaund so im not sure if its worse then pure neatsfoot oil. Yes i agree it does darken leather .
  4. I'll be interested in one
  5. From reading up a bit more looks like I need to : 1. Deglaze leather before dying 2. Dye ( I use Fliebings pro) 3. Buff/rub with clean cloth 4. Clean pigment residue with saddle soap 5. Apply conditioner ( whats the good conditioner btw? ) 6. Fiebings Tan Kote 7. Resoline/Acrilic 50/50 w water top coat ? Or leave at step 6? Im I on the right track here? TIA
  6. I used brown Fiebings Pro dye on a project , applied some BLO after and then put some atom wax on top. Looks good but seems that some dye is rubbing off. Please advise on how to seal leather after i use Fiebings pro. TIA
  7. Thanks guys. Was thinking some simple two/three piece cobra style with no padding. Planning just adding the same border stamp to match the butt stock. But I quite like yours Josh too. If i decide to do without any lining or padding, whats the best way to finish underside of the leather? Dye it , then Gum Trag and slick it up?
  8. Hey Guys, here is my latest project I did for myself. Here is my first attempt at this, learned few things from it Next I want to try to make a sling for it. What weight leather is recommended for it? And is there any good templates?
  9. Thanks, it gives me a starting point. Guys, any idea if I can pull needle between glued layers of leather?
  10. Would you be able to post some pictures of this method?
  11. I'll try to get to leather supply store to pick up some material this weekend, I'll post back with progress
  12. our local club runs idpa style matches (not official idpa matches), so the rules are a bit more relaxed. kinda mix of idpa and uspsa.
  13. I would love to see some pics of single pouches for a double stack mags. As i plan to use them for idpa competition and not for carry. I will prob need to make four of them, so i can space them out on my belt nicely. It looks like i have two options: 1. fold over, stich and wet mold 2. Wet mod it on the wooden template, nail it, dry it and then stich it. Any other suggestions? Thanks everyone. @katsass - very nicely done, how do you attach them to the belt?
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