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  1. http://moteltuyyo.com/93edc

  2. Hi Trox, I finally got the point with the upper feed. THANK YOU! I've been looking on sieck.de for a while and a 205-370 goes for 2500 euro, so you are right! The Claes price is low NOW and it looks to be in really good shape. But (as for any auction) I'll have to wait for the last minutes... Thank you again, Paedalus
  3. Hallo Gesa ! You are right ! The Claes seems to be in a very good shape! Mechanical point of wiew, I think I got it. It is not only botom feed, it is not triple feed, nor needle feed, but kind of lower and upper feed. I am working now on a 1966 bottom feed czech Minerva wich is a sewing locomotive! Hard to start, single speed ( fast), straight lines only, hard to stop. I love it, but I need a change !!! I do heavy leather only, and 12mm thick material should be enough ! Finally, the magic of an auction happens in the last 3 minutes. So, wish me luck ! Paedalus
  4. Thank you, Trox! I will go for the Claes although I don't completely understand the "moveable upper foot" part. If I'm lucky, I'll get it for cheap. If not, I'll keep on searching... Anyway, If you ever hear about an extra heavy leather stitcher in Europe somewhere, please let me know! Knut had a cast iron Boss here a few months ago, but I came to late. A Snow White's Coffin Volvo for cheap would be nice too... Paedalus
  5. Thanks a lot, Wiz ! I was shure I'll get some answers here. I will go for the Claes machine wich I think would do Junker's job too. The Junker is still tempting for sandals and close to the edge stitching on box-shaped cases and heavy belts. For the aesthetics I was interested in the heavyest thread to use on this machine. This is the info I di'n't find on the net. Any idea about the Mauser ? Thanks again, Paedalus P.S. I was extremely tempted by your ULS, but the transport to Europe would really be prohibitive. When I'll grow up, I'll get myself a Campbell High Lift !
  6. Hello everybody! As a newcomer to this comunity I have two important things to do : To ask you to accept in advance my appolgies for my poor english. Like in leatherworking, I'm in "trial and error" class To congratulate every one of you for building this forum (and myself for finding it). A place where knoledge, good will, common sense, respect and sharing attitude meets, is a rare find. HAT OFF ! In my European hunt for a stitching machine I came up on a few mechanical beasts. Chances are to get them at a good price, but I'm not shure how are they working, and the sellers seem to know even less. So I put my trust and hope in you, wise ones, to get some answers. no.1 Claes 214 Uncertain feed system. Untertransport und mittgehender Nähfuss means : bottom feed and "going along" needle feet. As my german is not much better than my english, I have my doubts. And the photos doesn't help ME much. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Claes-214-1-schwere-Arm-Nahmaschine-Ledernahmaschine-Sattlernahmaschine-Sattler-/110803106992?_trksid=p3286.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5445088741127884664 no.2 Mauser spezial How in the name of God is this beauty working? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Alte-Mauser-Spezial-Industrienahmaschine-/110802904337?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item19cc5e2511 no.3 A.G. Henkel Am I getting lucky??? Is this a kind of german Union Lockstitch? If it is and I don't get it, I'll have to kill myself in shame and regrets ! http://www.ebay.de/itm/Industrie-Nahmaschine-robuste-Ausfuhrung-/330669022808?pt=DE_Elektronik_Computer_Haushaltsger%C3%A4te_N%C3%A4hmaschinen_PM&hash=item4cfd68de58 no.4 Junker & Ruh sd 28 What is the maximal stitch lenght and heavyest thread for this beatiful mechanical insect? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Junker-Ruh-S-D-28-Hand-Sohlen-Doppelmaschine-Schuhmacher-Sattler-30er-J-/160712223559?pt=Alte_Berufe&hash=item256b31eb47 Praying to hear from You before the auctions end, yours:notworthy: Paedalus
  7. Hi Steve, Thank you for your quick answer! Your Cub seems like a good deal, but in order to decide if it is the right machinel for me, I need some important basic specs. I work with heavy leather, 250/27 needle, 415 thread, and I need a long stich (4 stiches per inch). The feed system is also important for me. Compound or needle feed would do just fine. Bottom feed, no. The fact that Luberto didn't launched serial production on the Cub and the future for spare parts and client service is uncertain, is a risk I'm willing to take! I thrust their craftsmanship and wish them the best of luck ! In this "chinese clone" world, they are pioneering and I do admire that. Hope they will do at least as good as Tippmann does! But for now I need those specs. I'm not rich enough to afford the mistake of buying the wrong tool for the job. Would you be willing to send me a scan of the manual? Thank you in advance, and apollogies for my pour english! Paedalus
  8. Thank you Knut for your fast answer! If you ever change your mind, just let me know! I'm working now on a 1966 Minerva wich is a sewing locomotive so ...
  9. Hi fivesixthree! Tell us more about your experience with the cub! This is an interesting little machine!!! Would you put some more detailed pics, please? Some specs? I'm about to buy one and I'm lost in the woods now...
  10. Hi Steveb, I'm in a search for a hand cranked sticher and considering all options, the CUB included. The rotary movement seems more apealling to me than tippmann's boss reciprocating system. I wasn't able to find any specs on the Internet about the cub. (needle system, thread, stich length etc.). Do you have some of this ? Why do you sell it? What was your experience with this machine ? Would you put some pics with ? Too many questions... sorry ! ! But this little machine is really intriguing !
  11. Hi Knut, I've been searching for a Boss in Europe for a long time... I almost gave up and I was on ebay search now . Is yours still for sale ? Sweden is sure a little bit closer to Romania where I live and work.
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