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  1. I am selling a tabletop Artisan s-335 and have NO idea how to ship it to an interested buyer. What is the best way to ship an industrial machine and what company would be good . I am thinking it will need to be on a pallet so most likely freight shipping. Just never did this before.  Thanks for any advice in advance!

  2. 11 hours ago, koreric75 said:

    I've been working on getting this right as well, I've come across a lot of videos with a few different ways to do the linings.  this video may help, or get you on the right track of other videos similar.  


     Thanks! I have watched both these videos before.... thank you just the same...however neither  unfortunately address what I am trying to achieve by avoiding a recessed zipper and avoiding turning the bag inside out or "birthing the bag. I

  3. Thanks all for your responses and input!

    Via  Atlanta Attachment Co. I did find out that you can call Atlanta and send them info of  what kind of machine you have and the width and thickness of your leather ( best to send a pieces of the leather you would be using for binding) and they can make you an attachment for your machine. So.... due to this option , I decided to purchase an Artisan 335 BT  (tabletop) and will be able to get Atlanta to make me a specific binder attachment for my machine and the leather thickness and width i use most for my tote bags. .:yeah: I didn't ask about other machines but it might be worth a try if you are looking for a specific binder attachment. If you are not utilizing a binder very often I agree it is probably;y easier to glue and sew in place. I have gotten several orders for a particular bag I designed and I personally could use a binder attachment that will give me a nice finish in less time. So.... will see how this works out.

  4. Thank you Uwe and Chuck

    I am pretty happy with my Consew  for regular sewing and would most likely use the binding machine solely as a binding workstation. I am going to investigate further the Pfaff 335 and if I go with the Techsew it would be the 2800 then. Thanks for the correction.  I really do not want to spend 3000.00 + for an Adler machine solely for binding. I appreciate the referral to @Hockeymender  too Uwe. ! I have been looking through your You tube channel and you have an expansive depth of knowledge and experience. Amazing work!

  5. Thanks for your input Uwe, Happy I asked as much as I am looking for a cylinder arm machine for my projects the binding element is equally as important.  I believe I saw a you tube video of binding you demonstrated on an Adler 205-370 which looked awesome. Do you have any other suggestions on  clones like the Cowboy that would better accommodate what I am looking to achieve in a new machine. I am open to suggestions as I really just want to get the right machine for my needs and don't have much experience in the differences. Thanks again for your response!


  6. Hi Everyone!

    I am 95% sure...:rolleyes:  that I am ready to purchase a Tech Sew 2750 Pro to add to my sewing machine collection. I have read tons of reviews here re: different machines and I think the 2750 pro would be a good addition to my workshop. I primarily make handbags, purses, wallets, garments, jackets, vests and hats....and utilize tanned deer, elk, cow and buffalo hides....as well as different textiles. One of the important factors to not only getting the cylinder arm machine is also being able to make a nice 1/2 - 1 inch binding around the top of my bags. I was wondering if anyone has used a binding attachment with this machine for this purpose...or if the 2800 model is basically the 2750 with the binding attachment and i should just get that one. Haven't been able to see any videos on how the binder is attached or runs...or perhaps I just missed it Thanks for any input you might send my way





  7. I got ia 3/8 3V 43 inch cogged belt and i did find one at an auto store, but it is not exactly like the one i had... it is a little thicker but seems to work. I had to move the motor up about 1/4 inch because the tension was much tighter and now the speed on the clutch motor has really increased. I had more control with the clutch motor before i changed the belt and thinking i might need to get a servo motor. Been thinking about it for awhile and this might just push me over to getting one. That old belt has been on there for awhile. I tried a regular 3/8 in V belt and i could hardly move my arm shaft at all. The cog belt just seems to have more flexibility around the pulleys. I am not an expert by any means...

    but was just trying to replace what was on there prior.

    Thanks for all the input. I really appreciate it.

  8. Greetings fellow leatherworkers from Arizona!. My name is Katrina and i have been doing leatherwork for the last 20 years as a part time crafter making bags, moccasins.. hats etc. I have taken my craft to the next adventure and started a website. I am always exploring new techniques in leather crafting and am happy to be here amongst so many other great leather craftsmen and women who share my passion. Look forward to exploring the sites. Thanks for having me ~*~

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