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  1. +100 there. If they can’t send pics, I can’t send $$.
  2. https://www.thethreadexchange.com/ Have had nothing but great experiences with them. Very helpful.
  3. I always found a thinner black cowhide worked well. I’ve given up skate repairs with these new carbon fiber boots.
  4. Suzelle, just to let you know, Gregg passed away last year. Huge loss to the sewing machine business.
  5. The reverse is removed because that is a computerized motor. It can be set for the number of backtack stitches both at the start and end of sewing. If reverse is needed, there is a dedicated button on the control panel for that. Every sewing function can be programmed with this setup. I had one and it is very nice, easy to get spoiled by. And yes, reverse is required for binding, to backtack the ends....do it everyday.
  6. Please move to “old/sold”. Thanks.
  7. You could enlarge the table opening. I’ve done that on a couple machines. Not that big a deal to do, and makes a great deal of difference in the use of the machine.
  8. I too have purchased multiple items from Kwok Hing and each one has been a very good experience. As Uwe said, they always send me a PayPal invoice for the entire transaction.
  9. Well done. Wish I’d thought of that. Prolly gunna start looking for an old table......
  10. Been very happy with mine. It has never given me any problems. Very solid well made machine
  11. That’s not always the case. I sew at a very slow and deliberate speed, and having the needle down when I stop is a huge help. Positioning material while the needle is down saves me a lot of headaches, and the fact that it defaults to the down position just makes what I do a little less of a hassle. If precision is not a factor then the needle positioner may not be as big a deal. Just my two cents.
  12. Would be very happy to carry my Bible to church in that
  13. Pretty much everything on our duty belts were basketweave. Difference was ours was black. Most other departments were that way as well.
  14. Gunna revive an old topic. My 112W-139 states it uses 135x17 needles, as can be seen in the pic. I ordered 135x17 and to my disgust the needles will not fit into the needle bar. Checked into the 126x3 mentioned above and it appears they are only available in 110. Was hoping for at least 120 (using 69 thread). Any ideas?
  15. Just a guess, but I’m thinking it may well be cost prohibitive to bring any of that over, even if they could/would sell it to you. I bring material over from Korea and that is very pricy. A flammable liquid would be more so I’m sure.
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