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  1. Hockeymender

    Working with Deer Skin

    I cut mine mostly with a rotary cutter. When I need to punch holes I just use a standard punch with a maul. I determine the direction of the stretch and then cut my parts accordingly.
  2. Hockeymender

    Servo motor

    I have needle positioners on all my servos and I wouldn’t be without them. Doing the slow, precise sewing that I do it is invaluable in keeping everything exactly in position as I work around fingers and thumbs. There is quite a bit of realignment that I’m constantly doing ahead of the needle and it’s necessary that the needle stop in the down position while that happens. I also have a speed reducer on one of my machines and I don’t have any issues with the synchronizer playing nice with the speed reducer. Just my two cents.
  3. Hockeymender

    Can anyone tell me what this machine does?

    Landis sole stitcher I believe.
  4. Hockeymender

    Sole stitcher that’ll do double row stitching!

    I suggest you check with Robin Industries. They make machines for the shoe industry. I have dealt with them in the past and was very happy with their customer service.
  5. Would really like one of these, if they are available. Wondering if it’s something Rolls Royce had special made?
  6. + 1 TAC has done all my binders and they are terrific. Contact them and they can get you setup with exactly what you need.
  7. No. If you go back and look at my post you will see it was not you I quoted.
  8. Hockeymender

    Machine For Sewing Sneaker Midsole?

    I sold the machine shortly after I discovered it could not sew the skate tongues.
  9. Hockeymender

    Singer Industrial Sewing Machine Screws

    Thanks Greg!!
  10. Hockeymender

    Old Man

    Great stuff Ferg! Thanks much for posting it here.
  11. I have both Seiko and Pfaff machines in my shop. There’s no question in my mind which one I’d keep.....the Pfaff. I’ll take a Pfaff over any other make whenever possible. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Hockeymender

    Elize Industrial Sewing Machine

    Definitely not a Pfaff. As stated above a copy of a Seiko.
  13. Hockeymender

    mini brute sewing machine info

    Looks very much like the Sailrite machine.
  14. Hockeymender

    Singer 29-4 for sale

    That's a beauty!! Wish I needed one.