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  1. Have you tried Tundra Leather in Hamilton, email them and they will help you out. Also probably closer for you too.
  2. I have the Al Stohlman book I got it 10 years ago but have to dig it out of storage. I have been watching YouTube for hand stitching and N Armitage was one of them I will keep practicing. I have been using dividers and marking stitching line and using Dixon pricking iron and awl for the above. I don’t like the groover / stitching wheel. I actually did try that years ago when I first got into leatherwork but didn’t like the look of the groove and also had issues with the stitching wheel and stitching was a mess. Thanks for posting Thank you.
  3. Ha I am not sure how to post pics. I have been trying for a bit and have been unsuccessful. Files are on my laptop and have resized them. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you try now and see if you can see it?
  4. I picked up leatherwork over 10 years ago and my first thing I made was what is called a slip lead (first pic) life got in the way and I got side lined. With this pandemic I picked it back up again and want to focus on my hand stitching. My first attempt at hand stitching was a dice cup (second pic) done at beginning of March and send attempt was sighthound collar (third pic). I see so many flaws and it drives me crazy and probably why I was sidelined 10 years ago. I enjoy hand stitching and want to make more projects where I can practice hand stitching, I think I may attempt a wallet next. ** I am unable to upload Dice Cup Vee-Slip-Collar YOLO-head-shot
  5. Why would you want to use rivets it will cheapen the look of your collar, unless you heat sealed the webbing underneath from the hole made by the rivet it would also be a weak point, your fabric would eventually ravel. I would continue sewing.
  6. Can someone post a pic of a bevelled Celtic Knot done the 'correct' way? Thanks,
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