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  1. The first Y654 that I missed went for 14.01 at Feb-11-12 09:33:38 PST. I didn't get any notice from my ebay search for Y654 for the one you mention. At any rate, I can't possibly offer $46 for the stamp. Thanks anyway.
  2. I had offered 15.05 merchandise, plus 2.25 for shipping. I could offer that, $17.30, for a Y654 in good condition, delivered. Would that be agreeable? (That looks like a pretty broad collection of stamps. Any other old tools that you're looking to sell?) Thank you, DJ
  3. Hello piddler, I don't really have anything to trade, but I'm still looking for the Y654. Let me know what you want for it, and if it's in good condition and I can afford it now, I'll certainly buy it from you. Can you accept PayPal? Thanks for your response, DJ
  4. Hi Sylvia, No, I didn't win it. It went higher than I could afford. That's the way it goes, sometimes. I have an ebay search going for another Y654. If one shows up, I'll bid again. Thanks for your help. Dan Jones
  5. Chris, Do you have a wait list for your burnishers? I would dearly love to have the General Purpose one for to use with my Drill Press. Highcountry will NOT get my business. I've given you a shout-out on my FB page, also.

  6. Hi, I am looking for a Crafttool Y654 3-lobed flower petal stamp. It is just like the Y653, but larger.
  7. Hi Steve, I just joined Leatherworker.net. You are the Steve I know in Raleigh, Right?

    I'm Daniel@ddjleather.com

  8. I started working as a leather craftsman in the town of Tullahoma, TN, in 1973, along with my wife. First, it was a hobby, then grew into a business with the establishment of our first store, Highland Handicrafts, followed by Leather 'n' Things, for which we were recognized by the Tennessee Arts Commission. During those years we became members of the Tennessee Artist's and Craftsmen's Association, and the Northeast Alabama Craftsmen's Association. We showed and sold our work at several art and craft shows and other festivals. We received several awards for our work, travelled throughout the Southeast U.S., met lots of talented new friends from all over the United States and Canada, and sold our work to people from over 20 countries. We both grew somewhat homesick, having left our Kansas City home in 1969, so we decided to return to home and family, sell our small retail shop, and start another more focused business. In 1977, I established "The Great Plains Leather Company" in Kansas City, wholesaling handmade belts and bags to stores, mainly in Tennessee and Florida. In 1978, I converted my leather working back to a hobby, and went to work in computing for the next 29 years, almost entirely with John Deere. I finally return full time to my leatherwork in 2010, 3 years after retiring. I still love designing and creating new, useful, functional, and beautiful things, and seeing people enjoy them. I opened a shop on Etsy in December 2010, www.ddjleather.etsy.com, and am working on my own new site, DDJLeather, where I'll be able to handle more items, and communicate better with the whole world of artisans and customers. I've joined Leatherworker.net to catch up on changes in and to the leather world during my absence. I also like to share some of my old and new ideas, and to keep expanding my skills and friendships around the world.
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