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  1. I'm new to leather work so figured pattern packs would be great but I know what you mean. I bought a Tandy buscadero belt pattern and was shocked. Pattern looked like crap and the directions were even worse! Figured couldn't hurt to try but you do have a good point.
  2. Thanks but the website says whats in the pack but trying to find if anyone has used that pack before or if anyone knows anywhere else to get ahold of law enforcement gear templates.
  3. Hi everyone. I am new to leather work and have been looking around for patterns dealing with Law Enforcement duty gear. So far I have only found a pattern set from Springfield Leather titles "Law Enforcement Leather Patterns". By chance has anyone used their pattern pack before, or, by chance know of where I can find any other Law Enforcement patterns? Really want to make duty radio holders, handcuff cases and so on.
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