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    Thanks everyone, I will try to behave. Thanks, SScott
  2. I blew out my shoulder after I joined in july so I'am on the bench until my surgery and after. I'am not in the same league as everyone here so I apologize if all I do is ask questions. I'am learning and because all I can do is pester everyone with all my questions I ask for your indulgence. Please feel free to set me strait or ask me something. Thanks, SScott
  3. TimberWolf, Super nice work,what do you use for a top coat? SScott
  4. Alessandro, On HD there are two hooks at the top under the dash and a bolt or tie off on the bottom. Good luck, Sscott
  5. I just tried the neutral shoe polish and just to touch it seemed okay so I took a damp cloth and if you rub it will come off but nothing like before. so maybe in time it will set permanent. Now can the drum dyed be tooled? My brother wants a new tool bag and I foresee a nightmare when I dye the flesh side. Tryed to get the color changed, it didn't fly, he is just to hardheaded, if it's not chrome it's black. Sadley hardheaded runs in the family. I'll get the Fiebings Leather Balm with Atom wax and when i actually get something done I'll post it. Thanks' Scott
  6. Very Nice, I just recently returned to leatherwork because of my brothers, they asked me to repair a few things for their bikes and now I'am trying to make some of their stuff. Can I ask how you set the dye and what finish you recomend. the dye just seems to keep rubbing off on everything, I have been using Fiebings pro oil dye, just black so far. Patience is the hardest thing to relearn. I enjoy looking at your work it is amazing. Thanks, SScott
  7. My wife is going to blow it up to see if that helps, the magnifing glass almost makes it worse. Thanks, SScott
  8. Hi everyone, I can't seem to distinguish the three strings apart in the illustration of the gaucho edge-braiding with three strings on page 309 in Bruce Grants encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding book. Anyone know of a clearer illustration? I find that after a 20 year absence my brains ability to figure this stuff out is pathetic, I'am so out of practice. I see all your projects and it makes me envious. One day I will be worthy enough to post one. Thanks, SScott
  9. Thanks for the info, I did buy the heavy one with screw down collar. The Vice grip is a great tip. I have all the lacing books The Leather Factory sells. Checking into getting the Chan Geer DVD. I'am trying to do a red, white and blue lace on my project. Thanks, SScott
  10. Hello, Just joined and have a couple of questions, Hope you can help. When using the stitching groover (just got one at The Leather Factory) should the leather be damp, wet or dry? When I was trying to cut a groove it would plug up, what am I doing wrong? Next, is there a way to use 3 different colors of lace for a double loop or something similar? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sscott
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