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  1. Im still willing to ship any of this stuff to Canada too! We will just have to arrange shipping.
  2. Oh and the big box of brass hardware. It came out of a harness shop in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The stuff is OLD. I don't know what it is. I think its some equestrian type hardware. Buckles, rings, these badge looking things? But there was also what appear to be some cobbler tools with it (awl, lasts, some kind of setting tools) Its all brass. And it weighs about 20lbs. You can use this for all sorts of stuff. Make me an offer. There could be something crazy in there I don't know. My friend said some look civil war era...but I have no way of verifying that.
  3. Here is a link to the items. https://imgur.com/gallery/gaeSb52 Here is a price list: - Seiwa Diamond Stitch Chisels 4 mm spacing. 2 tooth and 4 tooth. Great condition. $25 shipped in the USA - Leatherwork Book Lot 7 Books total. Japanese wallet, bag, technique and biker books. Al Stohlman Leatherwork manual, Bag Design I have learned what I need from these books. The Japanese ones were $30+ a piece new and took a month to arrive. Books are all in 10/10 condition $ 70 shipped in the USA - Leather skiver with rollers, blades and adjustment Allen key. $60 shipped in the USA This works pretty well and is affordable. I was surprised. I just got a skiving machine though so, I don't need this. - Singer 29-4 this is a long shot, I have this listed on my local craigslist. I bought this out of a barn. cleaned it all up and replaced the pedal, bobbin shuttle, and the tension assembly. it comes with some extra parts and I have everything photographed. I doubt ill sell this through here so if you do have questions please message me and we can discuss it further.
  4. I have some more tools. Seiwa stitching chisels, some knives, some hand tools, I have a 20lb box full of vintage brass hardware. I have a lot of stuff.
  5. If you want to pay the shipping to Canada. They can go tomorrow. I see a ups driver everyday of my life. You want a quote?
  6. #5 set 6 and 2 tooth 5.4 mm between teeth Works well with .8 and 1mm thread Lindispensible knife with two blades. $150 shipped in the United States SOLD AS A SET.
  7. Nope. I'll keep them if they don't sell. They are always nice to have around. Thanks!
  8. Vergez Blanchard #5 (5.4mm between teeth) 2/6 tooth set + lindispensable knife $150 shipped. Well taken care of. Rubber mallet into a thick rubber board. Oiled/maintained every Sunday. My hand sewing days are over and I could use the money towards operation: wisdom tooth.
  9. Oh yeah I got that much. Thing works great. It is a testament to German engineering. Heats right up. Was just curious about the history of this thing. It weighs a TON!
  10. I made an impulse buy.... cant find any information about it really. Anyone?
  11. Those suisei binders are definitely what sailrite is selling. They just have sailrite engraved into them. That costs $55 extra. Thanks for the tip!!
  12. I was also just planning on using a cotton twill tape for the binding. The double fold stuff is nice but at .50 a foot plus shipping it gets expensive quick. I can get 50 yards of cotton twill tape for $30. Anybody have any input on the cotton twill tape? Does it hold up?
  13. I figured it was made in China stuff. But I have been pleasantly surprised lately with some made in China stuff. Now I'm all sorts of confused on binders. I know I need 1 1/4" for binding inside edges of canvas bags. But now I need to find one for thicker assemblies. Ay yi yi...
  14. I believe SUISEI is the manufacturer sailrite is using for their binders. But not 100% just says made in Japan. I'm just curious what would cause a 65 dollar price hike on what appears to be two identical binders. I'm leaning towards sailrite racking it up because it says sailrite on it. Thanks for your help! I'll check them out and see if the price is any better direct from manufacturer.
  15. Hello. I am in the market for a 1 1/4" binder attachment for some canvas and leather work. Ebay seller ngosew has them for $35. Sailrite has them for $98. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these products. They look identical to me. Is the sailrite binder much better or is this an example of brand name pricing vs generic? Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!
  16. I've been experimenting with box bottom leather bags and I came across a style I've never attempted or seen before. The base of the bag has a triangular envelope style flap that rivets to the body. The edges of the flap are all turned over as well. Has anyone ever attempted anything like this before? I am at a complete loss figuring out how this would all piece together - Zach
  17. I recently picked up a baby lock bl3-407. I am wanting to serge some 10oz canvas material. In the back of the book there is some reference to thread and needle size for heavy cotton cloth material. Here is where I get confused. The book is telling me I need #80-60 thread and a size dc #11 - #14 needle. Don't know what #80-60 thread is? Does anyone know a good general purpose thread and/or needles for this type of canvas work? Figured I'd ask here before I start shooting in the dark. Thank you!
  18. There was more thread jammed up than I thought. I had to take the casing out and it turned out to be a tiny piece of thread about a 1/4" long that was mucking everything up. Timing is still good. Needs the bottom tension adjusted now. I spent an entire afternoon figuring that out. But I learned. And also wanted to scream. Thank you for the responses.
  19. can anyone shine some light on the issue I am having? I had a piece of thread jammed in the bottom bobbin casing. The bottom bobbin was not spinning freely. I engaged the safety clutch removed the thread and freed up the bobbin assembly. I reset the safety clutch. Now the bottom bobbin will move, but when it gets to a certain point. It hits the feed dog plate and will not move anymore. I can see there is a small notch there. I included a photo of the point the handwheel stops turning. If there is another thread for this, could anyone link me to it. I couldn't find it but I am also at my wits end with this sewing machine. Thank you! - Zach
  20. Ahhhh!! I was digging around in the basement, looking at the old clutch motor I took off. Found a metal piece the same color as the metal on the base of my table. It's the bracket. Bingo works now. I sat here for 20 mins trying to get that thing bolted on without the bracket....Also tried the adjustment bolt keithski suggested. It is sooooooo close but no cigar. Ordered a 39 and 40 just to make sure. I hate looking at this thing and not being able to use it. I'm excited to learn more/aware I am about to get more headaches. Thank you all so much for the help!! - Zach
  21. The old belt length doesn't help me because I got a new motor that sits higher. So I measured the distance between the hand wheel and the pulley three times and got 38 inches. Ordered a 38 v belt and it's a little off.
  22. I did a search first for this. Didn't see exactly what I was looking for. Just bought a consew 226. Did not come with the rod that attaches the pedal to the motor? I bought what I thought I needed. But I cannot figure out how to get this thing installed? Maybe I am missing pieces? I thought this would be a simple thing... also having some issues finding the correct size for my belt. any help would be appreciated! - Zach
  23. I'm trying right now it won't let me upload them. File is too big?
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