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  1. Great idea, thanks for the info.Steve
  2. Thanks Dwight, I'll give that a try... Already have the sander. I can already see starting at the holes and working my way inward would be best. I wouldn't have tried it but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense. Thanks, Steve
  3. I wanted to make my first belt. Was wondering if everyone uses an oblong punch or do you simply punch 2 holes and connect the holes using an exact o knife to make a slot for the buckle and also do you trace a point on the end of the belt by hand or use a Strap End Punch? I am just curious if everyone is purchasing all these tools or doing things by hand? Thanks
  4. Thanks Bruce I'll take a look. Steve
  5. I have been away from this site for a while but have since been sparked up to start working with leather again. Would like to know what your opinion is on tools. I am looking for oblong and hole punches as well as a draw gauge. I have been looking at these tools and see so many different draw gauges and punches my head starts to spin. I want to purchase quality tools that I can keep in good shape and even pass them down some day. Is it worth spending the money on an Osborn #51 vs. a draw gauge from Leather Craft craft tool draw gauge? Price is about half... and also the punches, what should I be looking at, anyone have good luck at a particular web page. I live in MA and there really isn't anything around except Tandy Leather. I just want to make sure I am getting quality tools and it's hard to order on the Internet. Thanks Steve
  6. Thanks, I will give it a try. Wasn't sure of the 50/50 mix. What does the soap do for the process? Thanks again, Steve
  7. Any recommendations on waterproofing clogs. They are rubber bottoms but leather tops. Want to put something on them to protect. Thanks, Steve
  8. I am looking for a good shoe stretcher. I have wide feet and always have the need to stretch my shoes in both the inside deep towards the toe and the instep. Looking for a good shoe supply store on-line to purchase a stretcher. What do you use to spray on the leather to make it stretch and is it ok for the leather? Thanks Steve
  9. This may be a silly question to most of you but exactly what is a leather splitter used for or when is it needed in a project. I am confused because you can't pull to big a piece through so I want to know some applications you would use it. Thanks Steve
  10. Pete, It actually fits pretty good, what I don't like is the curved look and the snap... the snap could of been moved down a bit. This cell case fits a Palm Treo Thanks Steve
  11. I had some time today to make a cell phone case for myself and I am a little disappointed as to how it came out. First off I am trying to learn here so I don't mind you all telling me the truth... truth is good! I have placed a bunch of pictures on a web page so you can see in detail what I may of done wrong. Web Page: http://sjm55.com/leather/ This project has not been stitched yet because I am not sure I will use it. I used 6 ounce leather, and a 2 ounce pigskin lining as shown in picture 10. The template: I had the idea to make this case all in 1 piece. Maybe I went about that in the wrong way but it is what I did. So you can see my 1 piece template in green as shown in picture 13 and 14 I folded the sides after adding a v-groove. As you can see the sides don't fold they sort of round over. Not sure I wanted this but it's not to bad. You can see in pictures 11 and 12 The next thing I did wrong was to make the front strap and snap to short. It reaches but sort of on a bend, should of brought it down another 3/4 inch then put the snap on. see picture 9 On Picture 8 my thoughts was to bend over the edge of the smaller flap and sew by hand. I just couldn't get it to bend easy enough, not to sure what happened there. I also added room for this bend in the template but ended up cutting the excess off on each end and will sew in a 45 degree angle. This is where I was getting mad at making this 1 piece and not 3 pieces making the 2 sides separate.
  12. Wow Freak, That's some beautiful work. Great classy look. Thanks for sharing Steve
  13. That is absolutely beautiful... Very nice job.... Steve
  14. I usually use patterns I find in books or on this page and just assume it is correct. One thing about that is I find myself limited as to what I can make. I would like to create my own pattern for my next project and would like to ask a few questions. I have some really nice paper to do this with (Brown Shopping Bags) seem to be perfect for this work. I would like to make a simple bag, about 14" long X 5" wide. The five inches would be max opening, thin leather so it can accordion out when the extra room is needed. I am thinking 7 ounce leather for front back bottom and top, all one piece of leather and just add the sides at about 4 ounce leather. I will use a clasp for the front. My question is, Do you all assemble your templates with glue, giving the project a shake down before you start the real deal? Would appreciate it if someone would explain the design, template to project process or maybe there is something out there I have not found yet. Thanks Steve
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