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  1. nice! like the use of the fender font as well
  2. can't begin to tell ya how cool that is !!!
  3. thanks ! The round braid took about 7 hours give or take a few sandwiches. Lucky me i get to do it on the next one as well. Truth, I'd rather lace then hand stich.
  4. looks great !! You'll improve on every project, don't sweat it. You've already noticed what you'de like to improve upon. The big picture is you've completed a fully functional piece that does what it's suppose to and you made it !!
  5. bASS strap for a local band member. Just waiting for his strap locks to punch some holes. Then it's off to hit the stage. first pic is a pic of the bass . My take of his artwork, before i killed it. Dye,dye, dye!! Lined, laced and all stiched up. testing the waters on scrap for the next strap. stay creative my friends...
  6. peanut butter, jelly , bread and milk should all be on the same isle !

    1. benlilly1
    2. immiketoo


      So should beer and pizza!

  7. i see that it's a sign know. Sorry i didn't look closer the first time or i would of noticed that. Well done !!
  8. beautiful !! what the 70 stand for ?
  9. I'm calling BS on this one !! there is just no freakin way you did it that fast !! Send me the wallet so i can see it's real !!
  10. they call me mellow yellow

    1. Timd


      Quite rightly.....

  11. How are you achieving such a nice, even white?
  12. That's bad donkey !!! Very, very nice. How "little" is the chest ?
  13. That is stunning !!! Did you or are you making a belt too ??
  14. Have you lost your freakin mind King !?!?!?! Broah, you got butt slappin loco on some dead animals there!!!! That's just freakin crazy mang, and i LOVE it !! whooot yeah !!!! Dang son you've gone to the point of no return now. No..Return.. That's just killer work rite there folks on all aspects of the art. Recognize! I'm gonna see if i can get "i <3 Kevin King" on my license !!
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