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  1. Hello forum members, this is my first post. First off thank you forum members for taking the time out of your busy day to help others!! l'm a beginner/hobbyist. Right now i'm making key chains & belts i just got the process of antiquing embossed belts down.-Tan kote then blk paste then tan kote the last 2 came out great!,....I have a couple rose embossed belt one is dyed black (didn't look good str-blk) and one that has to be dyed black. Lol .... Will the Tan Fiebings antique paste work on the black background? Will I get a decent contrast with the tan on black. Has anyone used an antique on black before? I have to purchase the tan antique and money is extremely tight for me that's why l'm asking? Thanks, Mumbles
  2. Hello leather workers, I'm really new to leather. I did watch this video from Springfield leather last night it talked @ "hazing" and white blotches. I do believe this is dead on for this topic. Until next time, Mumbles
  3. mumbles

    Belt Blanks?

    hi this my first post I ordered @ $40 from knoxville it was sent usps standard shipping for $7.99. l was leathercrafting a few years ago back then I delt with tandy here in N c. I just started again a month or so ago the internet sent me to the knoxville store they told me i could use either store.So try other stores even out of state ones. I live in . NC. and ordered from tenn......... Mumbles
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