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  1. Hey Huffdad! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I spent about 4 hours looking thru the Saddle Makers area to see what I could find. I was seeing that most all get the leather on first, then carve or stamp. On the object. Carving and stamping might not be too bad on the skull, but I was thinking about hammering on it too. They call it the Forks or Pommel mostly I believe. Or that's what I've been taught. I make Saddles but mine are miniature, like they are only 3 inches long. So mini might be a better word for them. I have trouble trying to cover the "swells" of the forks all in one stretch without the sides having "welts". I'd love to learn how, but don't have a teacher. So see, even thou you say you are a beginner, (and I am too (3 years at it)) I welcome ideas anyway. Think yours is good too. So Thanks! Check out my gallery if ya want. You can see the Saddles I make there.
  2. I have been thru all the questions on the Getting Started thread first to see if there might be an answer for me first, but didn't find one. So here is the deal and hope I can get some good ideas on how to go about this. First, I have a horse skull that I've wanted to do something cool with. Decided to do a leather horse mask over it and maybe later carve something into the bone skull too. I just want to take the correct steps here so that it will be somewhat of a success first time around. lol My piece of leather that I'm working with first is 1 to 2 oz so it is thin compared to leather that is used for many other things. I've learned over the last two years where the leather is "cased" to the exact wetness for carving/stamping. I feel like I should "case" the leather first, and then kinda lay it over the skull to get the eye holes cut out in the right placing. But then I also want to hand carve a design into it. So should I dampen the leather again after I have it cut like I want it? To lay it out flat so that I can do the carving? In the past, I've learned that after carving, then damping it again to fit it over something, I've had to re-do some of the carving because it kinda "faded" away alittle. There will be holes on each side of the leather, so it can be tied in the back of the skull. Thanks for any help or ideas you can give!
  3. Thanks on the Bob Park book info! Think I will be asking him about his book too. I have Sheridan Style Carving by Bill Gardner and Clinton Fay. It's been really helpful to me after I re-read it several times to get my brain wrapped around the idea of it. But obtaining more books on this subject can't hurt! If this pic shows, this is what I make. This Saddle is 2 inches long by almost 2 inches wide on the bottom skirt. So it is a very small space to also do Sheridan. lol
  4. Awesome Troy! That's very cool! Did you do the carving/stamping too? Love the gun and all too. Great stuff! The dye really gives it a richness too. Very good! Love seeing them. I wish I could figure out how to post a pic inside the post. I've tried many times and it says they don't accept my URL or what ever. All my pics I keep on my computer in "My Pictures" and are extremely easy to add everywhere else on the net. Why I can't here is beyond me. I'd show you the only one I did with a rifle if I could. Thanks for posting this!
  5. My Cowgirl Hat is off to you! All of them are so stunning! I haven't been back in here for a very long time. Have made several Saddles since then. Trying to improve with each one. Just uploaded several of my newer Saddles in my gallery tonight. Check them out if you get some time and let me know what you think.
  6. I finally did buy my first stamp from Barry King Tools. Basket Weave and I love it! The smallest they sell and it was perfect. Now, I will be making some drawings of other tools I want them to make for me too. I just added some news photos in my gallery, one of which is a Saddle using my new stamp from them.
  7. Andy, here is a pic of the Trees I use. They are really small. Smaller then DoubleLL's. Might not be what you are looking for.
  8. Not sure if you are asking DoubleLL about his Saddle Trees or the ones I use Andy. Saddles I make are 3 inches long on the bottom skirt.
  9. Aren't they fun! I build miniature Saddles too. For anyone in the future reading in here that might want to try making a miniature Saddle, you can get a kit from Rio Rondo Enterprises. Be sure and order the Traditional size Saddle kit. Everything is in the kit to make a Saddle, including lacing for a Bridle and all the hardware you need too. Plus an instruction book. Last I knew the kit is $24 or $25.00. You can also check out my Gallery in here to see what they look like.
  10. Thanks Bob! Takes me a good 8 days to do a complete Saddle. Alot of that time is in the drawings, getting it onto the leather, and carving.
  11. Awesome!!!! It's been probably 2 years ago when I looked on the King site. And you are so right, the perception when looking at the stamp photos can be deceiving. So I will check that out again and talk to them too. And since they make tools, I would like to get a "logo" stamp made. And it has to be small too. So this really makes me happy!!!! Your basket weave tool sounds pretty small. I'll have to check out your photos of what you make. Would love to see them! Thanks Troy!
  12. Guess I should come in here and introduce myself. I've been a member for a long time, but haven't been active in here much. So much to do, so little time! lol Anyway, want to say, I sure have learned alot in here from just reading. Great information in here. I live in the Ozark Mountains. Finishing a house. Gave up a Pet Nanny business that I had, to stay home full time with my aging Mother, and to pursue the business of making Miniature Model Horse Tack. The Model Horse Hobby is a crazy one, but also very rewarding and fun too. Would love to know if there are any other Model Horse Tack makers in here? I've never owned a horse in my life. I was lucky to know that the horn points towards the head! That was a good start huh? lol I have another site of which I have photos of my work. http://www.PictureTrail.com/rainbowfeather It will be fun and good to hear from others in here!
  13. Hey Troy! Thanks! I'm working hard at my drawings ahead of putting it onto the leather. Seems like (because of the space) I'm not getting the elongated look yet that I want, and the "grace" to it yet too. The tools that I have made to use on this is out of nail heads and pin heads. Can't shape the end of a pin head in too many different shapes. But the nail heads, I cut them off, file them flat, then file them into shapes. And will say, have made them to be what is used for Sheridan Carving. The full width of a flower is alittle less then 1/2 inch. Total. So that is why I've had trouble finding tools to buy. I have looked at the Barry King Web site, and they were all too big. Now, I do use a very small seeder for the centers of the flowers at times. And I can use small tools to use for a border design (like for a Working Saddle) that may be more plain. I buy buckles, "D" rings, some stirrups, hooks, and bits from a company that sells strictly Model Horse Supplies. Their name is Rio Rondo. My very first Saddle was from a kit they sell. They sell several different Saddle Trees etc too and Harness supplies, as well as some specialty things. Lots to see on their site. They did offer a "basket weave" tool on their site. Had them made I'm assuming. And only so many of them were made, at $85 each. But they sold out so fast, I wasn't lucky enough to get one. But I keep watching on those. lol
  14. Hello! I've been working and practicing at the Sheridan Style. I know I still don't have it right yet. My deal is that I work on making Miniature Saddles. The bottom skirt is 3 inches (I said inches yes) long. Had to make all of my tools almost, because I can't buy them small enough. I'd like to get good enough at this, that it would be hard to tell it apart from a real Saddle. Love making them. Thanks for any and all comments. And ask questions too if you like.
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